Blantyre City To Wear New Face :Massive Bypass Roads Construction To Start

Mutharika to inspect progress of roads contruction in Blantyre

I know that Blantyre has a few more roads we complain about. And I have good news for you. When we are done, Blantyre will be a new city. And I am determined to make Blantyre a city with modern facilities. I have great dreams and a new vision for our City.

The last stretch beyond this Highway connecting the roundabout at Illovo and the Midima Roundabout is about to be upgraded.

Not long from now, there will be bypasses round the City of Blantyre to decongest traffic: From Chigumula Trading Centre to Mapanga, via Bangwe and Mzedi.

From Chigumula to Mpemba Trading Centre via Soche Quarry From Mpemba to Chilomoni via Pensulo and Chigwaja Townships.

From Chileka Airport to Ngumbe via Army Secondary School, to M1 Road.

We will work on roads leading to the townships, and already several roads are being upgraded to asphalt surfacing from this year. Talk of township roads of Angelo Goveya, Manje, Mongwe, Chilomoni, Chinseu,, Chimwankhunda, Ma Land Rover Chilimba, Railways and others. We are DPP government.

We will have street lights. Watch out for the road from Catholic Institute (CI) to Green Corner on Chikwawa Road;
Kandodo Cornershop to Kameza Round about;Kwacha Round About to Kudya via TVM Road, and Sunnyside to Manyowe Township.

Yes, I see a new Blantyre. And there is more to come.

And because we care, I want us to construct an imposing, magnificent, and modern stadium here in Blantyre. So, if you hear next that Manchester United or Rio Madrid want to play in Blantyre, do not ask why.

I see a new City of Blantyre with a dual carriage from Kandodo Cornershop to Chileka International Airport via Mbayani and Chirimba to Chileka International Airport. Yes, we have that plan in place.

Very soon, Chileka is becoming a state of the art world-class international airport. We have the funding ready among the Chinese funded projects. The scale of this international airport means Malawi will be on the map. This airport means more jobs to Blantyre; and more businesses for Malawi.

By the way, we will do the same with Lilongwe, Mzuzu, and Zomba. It is time to turn Malawi around. It is time to turn Blantyre around.

We also need good road infrastructure to ease access to public services such as hospitals, schools and markets among others. Malawi is an agro-economy and for our farmers to move their produce to the markets, they need good roads. This is why my Government has put road infrastructure as one of our priorities.

We have re-launched the Red Star Campaign to improve the City’s landscape and infrastructure. Some buildings are eyesores. This time, this is for real and urge all Malawians especially Blantyre City residents to support the Red Star Campaign.

Let us make Blantyre a better place.

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