MCP Infighting Rages On: Kaliwo Sues Thyolera Over Defamatory Statement

Hon. Maxwell Thyolera has been sued for defamatory accusations against Hon. Gustav Kaliwo.

Thyolera in a Tiwuzeni Zoona program aired on Zodiak on Sunday 21st January 2018, accused Kaliwo of faking Hon. Macdonald Lombola’s signature on the letter which the 5 senior MCP party members requested Chakwera to uphold the constitution.

In a letter of Notice to Sue, Kaliwo has given Thyolera 7 days to publically withdraw his defamatory statement and on the same radio tell the nation that he lied failing which Thyolera will have to prove in a court of law his allegations.

Thyolera continued to blunder by further saying MCP will not uphold it’s constitution because doing so will not help Chakwera win in 2019. When quizzed to elaborate further, Thyolera said that the convention will only be a process of rubber stamping Chakwera and Mia since they not allow anyone to compete against these two.

Big mouth Thyolera also ranted in this program that all MPs were supporting Mia for Vice president and running mate.

A thing which has irked most the MPs as they were not party to that meeting and don’t agree with those sentiment of a handful of greedy MPs.

Mia has promised to fund aspiring MPs campaign with K2m each in exchange that they support his diabolical ambitions.

Currently Mia in his mafia style politics has dispatched groups of people who are working for him across the country and the majority are camping in Karonga with the aim of destroying Msowoya’s base.


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