Agents Of Satan And Malawi’s Enemy Of The State Exposed

Enemies of the state

People and organisations that wish Malawians dead due to hunger have been exposed. They accused President Peter Mutharika of issuing maize export ban last year. The people and organisations wanted Malawians to die of hunger in 2018.

But today, the president is vindicated as there are signs of dry spell in some parts of the country. The ban, although lifted, has helped the country save enough maize for the people.

Topping the list of bad guys in the country who do not wish Malawians well is Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus
Chakwera who in his response to 47th Session address of Parliament said the maize export ban was ill-timed. He was supported by some so called analysts whose analyses are so obvious, cheap and empty. Such so called analysts serve their political masters in the opposition camp.

Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) also did not want to see many Malawians alive. MCCCI argued that through the ban, government was missing an opportunity to bring in forex exchange to prop up the economy. The MCCCI pressured Mutharika to lift the ban but the president put his foot down because he knew what he was doing.

Another bad guy in Malawi is Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM). FUM Chairperson Alfred Kapichira Banda argued that the ban came late after big farmers had sold their maize outside the country. But the truth of the matter was that there was a lot of maize in the country that farmers were still keeping.

Coalition of Women Farmers (Cowfa) is another shameless organization which pressured Mutharika to life the ban so that the country should have no maize and expose people to hunger. The organization’s Executive Director Ellen Matupi argued that women were failing to sell their maize at a profit locally. But the truth of the matter was that the organization made such noise to serve the interests of their paymaster, Action Aids Enhancing Community Resilience Programme (EPR).

As if the local organisations were not enough, the International Food Policy Research Institute took advantage of the ban to poke its nose into Malawi’s affairs. It said Malawi lost K69 billion because of the ban. But that was not true.

“All these organisations and individuals do not love the people of this country. They did not want the ban. But today the country is experiencing some dry spells in some parts of the country. The maize that has been saved will rescue the situation. I commend the President for effecting the ban which he later lifted. That is leadership,” said Desmond Lifred, an employee of one of the major companies in Lilongwe.

He said: “The advice Dr. Chakwera and the organisations gave was ironical. They would have been the very first people to accuse the President of exposing citizens to hunger if there was no export ban.”
Ministry of Industry and Trade issued the maize export ban arguing that the country had a 30 percent surplus of maize.


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