Never Again Program !Catch Real Life Shocking Stories…Unforgettable Atrocities Of MCP Regime

Never Again Program !Catch Real Life Shocking Stories…Unforgettable Atrocities Of MCP Rule

Malawians say “NEVER AGAIN” to the evils of Malawi Congress party. The unforgettable regime which made citizens of this nation slaves in their own land.

Thousands have now refused to die in silence and they are coming forward to share unimaginable real life experiences with the nation about the evils of Malawi Congress Party for the 30 years they were in power.

Even the apologies by some novice politicians in MCP in the recent times to the Malawi Nation about their evils are not good enough to wipe tears for those whose parents and relatives were slaughtered or butchered life animals.

Yes! Malawians say Never again to the undemocratic rule and slavery which some of us suffered with MCP when most of the young men and women now rallying behind MCP were just babies who never saw how hard life was with MCP.

Only when you catch up with the never again program, you will realize that Malawi is better off without MCP and there is no way this party can be ushered into power again.

Some of you have to be reminded how our property was grabbed, our wives taken away from us and the detention we had gone through for years without trial by MCP operatives.

These are real life stories being narrated by those of us who were victims of MCP regime and we will have to share with you who were kids then so that you may understand why we have to say Never Again to such monsters.



  • MCP 2019 BOMA

  • Amene sanaonepo zomwe a MCP anachita mdziko muno ndi amene angathe kumati MCP ndiyabwino
    Ineyo bambo anga akuphunzitsa pa Kambwiri Primary school Mr Mkoma late mzimu wawo uwutse mutendere anamenyedwa masana ana omwe amawaphunzitsa akuona eti powauza akazi kuti asapite ku District iwowa bambo panthawiyo nkuti adalandila unthenga oti mai awo amwalira koma akazi awo moti awavesese dadi anayimbila phone ku District ku Salima posakhalisa iyo payiniya ikutulukila ndikuwapeza dad akukozeka kuti adzipita kumudzi ku nkhotakota koma inu akwapuleni ndikwakwezeka galimoto ana aschool akuona ena kumalila mchaka cha 1989

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