Opposition Hit By Cholera As Malawi Scores High on Millennium Challenge Corporation Program

Malawi President meeting MCC Boss

Contrary to what so many commentators have been saying, Malawi has scored high on a set of 20 indicators in a scorecard, paramount of which was fighting corruption.

Malawi’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact is a single-sector program designed to contribute to Malawi’s efforts in reducing poverty through sustainable economic growth. It is estimated that approximately one million Malawians will benefit from the compact interventions through increased consumption of electricity. Specifically, the Millennium Challenge Compact for Malawi has brought income benefits, technical benefits and reform benefits.

According to the 2018 scorecard, a score of 59 percent has been achieved on controlling corruption, perhaps owing to increased prosecution of Cashgate cases by the Director of Public Prosecutions and Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Malawi has done well on trade policy, land rights and access to credit under the category of economic freedom. In the area of investing in people, Malawi has scored high on health expenditures, primary education expenditures, child health and girls primary education completion rate.

With this kind of score, Malawi is poised for selection for the next impact project if government wishes to apply.

US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, Edward Monster, said selection for a second compact is not automatic, adding that second compacts are very competitive and subject to higher expectations and greater scrutiny for MCC funding eligibility.
Monster said when considering a second compact, MCC’s board of directors looks for successful implementation of the first compact; a commitment to sector reforms; and continued improvement on MCC’s scorecard, especially on issues of democratic rights and control of corruption.

According to MCC officials in Malawi, they have indicated that the Malawi program has not been discussed yet – till the close in September this year. MCC will do a scoring for Malawi end of year. Future compact has not been agreed yet, but hopes for Malawi as of now stands strong.

Malawi government has been implementing a five-year $350.7 million compact with Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) with support from US Government, which is in its final stage. The project, aimed at increasing access to electricity and improving transmission infrastructure is scheduled to finish in December 2018.


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