MCP Used, Killed McWilliam Lunguzi..Now After Her Daughter Juliana:Removes Her In NEC,MP’ Forum

Juliana Lunguzi (C) used and now dumped by MCP just like her father

Confused Malawi Congress Party has now reached a crushing point, turning against everyone who has a voice of reason to make sure that the party wrangles are resolved, with the recent being an attack on Juliana Lunguzi-MP for Dedza East who has been removed from both MCP NEC and Parliamentarians forum by Chakwera camp boys , on suspicion that he is Pro- Speaker Richard Msowoya.

According to our sources in MCP NEC, Juliana Lunguzi has fallen out of favour with fellow parliamentarians who are in the Chakwera camp in support of his unconstitutional, dictatorial leadership style which has seen him creating parallel NEC from the dully elected one and sidelining of his Vice President Richard Msowoya opting for Sidik Mia.

Lunguzi who wanted to reason with fellow law-markers to make sure that there is co-existence and room for round table discussions between Chakwera and Msowoya, she has now been labelled as ‘Nkholokolo’ being sent by Msowoya working against Chakwera and Mia who the majority of MPs have endorsed as MCP running mate in 2019 elections even before their convention has been made.

Sources say Juliana Lunguzi has been told never to go to the MCP headquarters or else she will be manhandled by MCP thugs.

Juliana Lunguzi is a daughter of former police chief McWilliam Lunguzi –a man who was an MCP Presidential hopeful but was killed by MCP operatives after being used and that never lived to campaign for the post.

MCP roped in her daughter Juliana Lunguzi as a way of using her to clear of the evils that they did to her father and now that they are done with her, they have dumped her waiting for her fate.


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