MCP Parliamentarians Divided Over Party Infighting : Meeting Yields Nothing

MCP MPs divided

As revealed earlier that MCP parliamentarians were meeting to map way forward for their party with the on going infighting.

Malawi Independent can confidently reveal that the meeting has yielded nothing with two camps emerging from the meeting and no proper resolutions have been made as one Party .

Parliamentarians have divided with some sympathising with the Party’s Vice president who is also speaker of national assembly Richard Msowoya, Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo and their camp while other MPs are supporting party’s president Dr Lazarus Chakwera unconstitutional running of MCP.

About 18 parliamentarians Left the venue before the end of the meeting when it was clear that those close to Chakwera wants the Msowoya camp not to be heard .

Those who are against the Msowoya camp were overhead threatening and booing any opinion from some MPs who were suggesting that the only way to end the disagreements was not to fire or suspend Msowoya camp but unify the two camps.

Meanwhile the meeting has resolved that
1. Msowoya and his camp be suspended immediately
2. Call for the President to call for convention within 60 days from today
3. Have endorsed Sidik Mia as it’s Vice President for the Southern region

The group of MPs lead by Khumbie Chiponda who removed Msowoya from MCP Nec Watsapp forum ,Amon Nkhata And Lobin Lowe has since delivered their resolutions to Chakwera and are now to about address members of the press at the party’s headquarters

In other news , Sidik Mia held his press conference in BLANTYRE where he announced his intentions to contest as the party’s Vice President and that he will be happy if Chakwera will pick him as his running mate in the coming polls .


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