Prodigal Chakwera Runs Away From Prayers At PIM After ‘Laying Wreath Show Off’

Shameful Chakwera (Right) runs away from prayers

Fallen from grace and once man of God turned prodigal politician Lazarus Chakwera is reported to have run away from prayers at Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) in Chiradzulu, just after laying a wreath in what has been described as ‘show off ‘ at John Chilembwe Memorial pillar in Chiradzulu.

Chakwera’s main motive at PIM was not to attend the prayers but make sure that he is seen laying a wreath as a mere stunt and later vanish in thin air, an act which indeed came to pass.

Just as the Jona’s story in the bible who had run away from the work of the Lord, Chakwera  now hates prayers with passion.

As the Bible says that love not the world, Chakwera has abandoned the calling of God completely and now he is busy with earthly things, a pure act of worshipping the devil contrary to what Jesus did when he turned down the offer to have a beautiful city belonging to him only if he had worshipped the devil.

That is how fallen Chakwera has become.


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