New MCP Catch Maurice Munthali Sides With Fellow Northerner Msowoya: Rebukes Chakwera

Munthali rebukes Chakwera

The Malawi Congress Party which we all are proud of may have its own challenges as is the case with any grouping, family or institution.

As we pass through the strong winds and uphill terrains, there is need to sober up, get our house in good order and keep our focus on what we stand for and what we want to achieve ultimately.

There is a lot at stake in this country and as a Government in waiting, we do not have the time to waste on in-house fights. Rather, we will want to unite, strive for the goal and move on. 

The message preached by Rt Hon Dr Lazarus Chakwera on unity needs to be pursued, adhered to and lived. As we do so, any differences that may persist in the Party should be viewed as stepping stones towards a future that we all are looking forward to. 

I personally feel that the Malawi Congress Party needs everybody on this movement because the mission before us is massive and that it needs concerted effort and united force. 

In such a mission, not all minds may think along the same way and act in the same manner, but if we regard our resolve to govern this nation after May 2019 as bigger than our collective egos, we will not be derailed. It is my prayer that nothing will deter us from who we are, what we stand for as MCP, what we want to achieve and where we want to be. Chiuta watovwire.

Rev Maurice Munthali. 
MCP New Catch Rumphi West.


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