MCP Propaganda On DPP Infighting Flops As Divisions In Lazaro’s Party Continues

Cracks In MCp Continues

Desperate to save face from the wrangles that are crushing the party, MCP is on a PR stunt that claims there are cracks in the governing DPP.

But the campaign comes crushing down even at glance as it falls flat on facts.

MCP is reeling in the bitterest infighting yet as a camp led by deputy president Richard Msowoya has squared up to MCP president Lazarus Chakwera, refusing to go by his dictatorial tendencies and flagrant violation of the party’s constitution.

The Msowoya camp has made their protest in a letter dated January 12, 2018.

Now instead of tackling the valid arguments by the Msowoya camp and save the party from total destruction, the party’s spin masters are circulating a Fake News story on social media claiming there are divisions in DPP.

It is well known that DPP is a party that holds the promise of the nation because of its sound leadership which keeps it united.

Needless to say the MCP story is an assortment of contrived false equations and statements that are empty and lack facts.

For example they claim the developments in the DPP are happening while President Peter Mutharika “is on holiday in Mangochi”. Mutharika is not in Mangochi. And there is nothing private about where he is.

The Fake News story is MCP’s attempt to escape from the massive embarrassment their infighting has brought in their ranks and the growing negative public opinion towards the party as Chakwera fails to hold things together.

The wrangles are a product of Chakwera’amateurishness in politics and his refusal to listen to the voice of reason from within the party to uphold its constitution and allow democracy to flourish.

The deepening divisions in the party cannot be solved by a PR drive that is built on Fake News.


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