Lazaro Taken To School On MCP Constitution:Respect The MCP Constitution Laza

    Mia plans to ouster Chakwera

The bitter infighting in MCP is raging on with no end in sight.

The Chakwera camp continues to be venomus in its attacks of the Msowoya camp.

But there is one thing: the furious Chakwera company is not addressing the simple issue of constitutionalism which Msowoya & Co want addressed, as indicated in their letter dated January 12, 2018

One facebook analyst has taken the liberty to provide a little lecture to Chakwera and those on his side.

Here is how the lecture goes:

This could be my last post for tonight and my last comment on the infights in MCP.

Many MCP members including the leadership need civic education and we have a duty to educate them.

The letter which is purportedly to have been written by Hon Richard Msowoya, Hon Mac Lombola, Hon Gustav Glory Kaliwo and Hon Chatonda Kaunda in my view has three elements;

  1. Reminding the President of Dec 1 agreement
  2. Pointing out his persistent breach of the constitution
  3. Asking him for a meeting.

No where in the world would such communication be condemned except Malawi and in particular MCP.

For the sake of setting records straight, these are some of the constitutional breaches the leadership made:

  1. Reconstituting NEC
  2. Removal of Kandiero and replacing him with Chiphiko
  3. Creating positions in NEC that are not in the constitution that is bloating the NEC from 40 to somewhere 73…
  4. Continuing to hold meetings with the said NEC and making resolutions that guide the party.

Again for the sake of records, MCP Constitution has got only 18 pages and very straight forward.. Even a standard 8 learner can understand its contents.

With these few remarks Mr Speaker Sir, I support the Letter..

Signed: Daniel Acha Mwenechanya
Sokola F.P School,
P.A Sokola,
P.O Misuku,
Chitipa East,


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