Arrogant Chakwera Has No Respect For John Chilembwe: Lays Wreath With One Hand

The arrogance of Chakwera makes him have no respect for our fallen heroes

Arrogance of Lilongwe North West parliamentarian Lazarus Chakwera has reached  an alarming late, with the later  being showing no respect to our fallen heroes, if the conduct shown by Chakwera today at PIM, Chiradzulu where hundreds gathered to pay their homage to the  fallen icon John Chilembwe is anything to go about.

Chakwera who was in attendance took to the public to show his arrogance by laying a wreath at John Chilembwe’s memorial pillar with one hand, a sign that he has no respect to others and the fallen heroes as per the Malawian culture.

This is very shameful to someone who claims to be harbouring Presidential ambition and clearly defines of who really Chakwera is.



One comment

  • William Justin Banda

    Mmatelo mkukasowa nkhani yolemba and when u nothing to point a finger at……
    Respect is from the heart not in the hands!!
    How do u know maybe he was so touched with sorrow in his heart as result he couldn’t hold the wreath with both hands so that he can support himself with other as there was nobody to hold him?!
    How do u know??
    How do u judge??
    How do u reach conclusion??
    What if it was APM doing that??
    That is why Trump amatinyoza we africans,
    We r indeed jealous for ourselves in nothing!!

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