Chakwera NEC Boys Call Speaker Msowoya Stupid: Menyani Threatens To Slap Lombola

Cracks between the two continues

A leaked WhatsApp chat from Malawi Congress Party Nec forum has exposed widely the divisions which have rocked the longest opposition party , with some law markers calling MCP Vice President And Speaker Richard Msowoya Stupid for the letter which has gone viral demanding Chakwera to work with a team which was elected during convention and let Democracy prevail in the party .

This has not gone well with other members who took to the forum insulting Msowoya and other who co-signed the letter calling them stupid and threatening to manhandle them.

[13/01 18:09] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: Depeco ndikuwonatu ma signature awo alipompa…..shupit
[13/01 18:10] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: Mwadya za DPP eti……I repeat shupit zanu
[13/01 18:11] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: Nose mwalemba izi ….shupit zanu
[13/01 18:12] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: msatenge chipani ichi ngati cha amayi anu ……I repeat shupit zanu
[13/01 18:21] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: Was the management meeting on today ?
[13/01 18:33] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: Lachiwiri likubwerali….ndiyitanisa press conference whether constitutional or not I will fire some of you from the party, I will tell all MCP youths in Malawi not to recogniz your positions
[13/01 18:40] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: I will announce this in Likoma……as iam going there for party official duties…..I will be flanked by the whole Likoma district committee. This is serious
[13/01 18:42] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: I repeat musatitenge ngati tonse mukutidyetsa chuma chanucho……timadya zathu zomwe tikupeza movutikira….inu chipani chinakupasani ulemerero….muzitivutaso
[13/01 18:44] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: I will carry all well known media houses. I repeat this is serious
[13/01 18:46] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: I have this letter which was signed by you
[13/01 19:05] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: I can even ferry all DCs from North south region….. Musatenge ngati chipani ndinu nokha simply because you have high positions. Big NO
[13/01 19:06] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: Ferrying them to Likoma…..for the press conference

[13/01 19:36] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: Hear this and hear it clearly…. all what MCP members want is a must win formula come 2019…presidential candidate Dr Laz. Note that you are not too important than ordinary MCP members. Genuine MCP members are more powerful than court orders which you are relying upon. Nkhani ndiyoti MCP ikufuna kulowa mboma 2019. Period
[13/01 19:57] ‪+27 73 794 2863‬: Ma results a convention ndi amenewa ,president Dr laz ,1 VP Hon Sidik mia ,2 Vp Hon Harry mkandawire
[13/01 20:13] ‪+265 888 86 47 77‬: Enafe tili muma forum a DPP , I tell you akusekerera za kalata imeneyi
[13/01 20:46] ‪+27 73 794 2863‬: mongokumbutsana eti….. Kaliwo was ACB Director under DPP Government. Richard Msowoya was Minister in the DPP Government under Bingu. lero akuti ndi SG and VP ku MCP. Mxiiii.
[13/01 20:47] Hon Rhino Chiphiko: Thats why we have a problem
[13/01 20:51] Hon Elia Kamphinda: In fact msowoya was my deputy minister of education when Bingu was minister. Ndaiwala chimene ada….. Eish! PS was youthful Late Anthony Livunza
[13/01 20:52] Hon Elia Kamphinda: Apatu tipakanapo mauyuni kkkkkkkkk
[13/01 20:52] Max Kalamula: You wonder what agenda they are advancing and who they are working for.

[13/01 20:52] Max Kalamula: You wonder what agenda they are advancing and who they are working for.
[13/01 21:09] Hon Chikago: Nsani for your information it was Kaliwo who discriminated me for arrest by the ACB when he was Director of the ACB. He is a saddist
[13/01 21:14] Max Kalamula: We have worked so hard to get here and for some to want to throw spanners in the works is unfortunate to say the least.
[13/01 21:19] Hon Khumbie Chiponda: Small five: one couldn’t get councillorship in his constituency, one didn’t register as a voter in 2014 yet being a VP, the three musketeers still shadow MP’S .
[14/01, 00:16] Winnie Nyondo: [13/01 21:22] Hon Dorothy Chirambo: Chikadziwa nchipande poomola we can’t carry on like this
[13/01 21:26] Hon Dzonzi: Don’t get worried Hons. This is a game of fully grown up adults and Dr Laz is fully grown up. Let us see who will smile this time around.
[13/01 21:30] Hon Elia Kamphinda: Ndikanakhala nawo awawa ine, surely I should have left the group. Apapa ayalukapo. That’s provoking a situation deliberately
[13/01 21:31] Hon Elia Kamphinda: Mbuzi ya nsanje siiswa
[13/01 21:31] Hon Dzonzi: God has never allowed chaos to rule over peaceful overtures. We must put all our trust in the Omnipotent God. These renegade soldiers are no gods nor their masters.
[13/01 21:31] Hon Rhino Chiphiko: We cant wait longer. Its time to act.
[13/01 21:32] ‪+265 888 89 87 86‬: Team I have personally talked with honourable Lombola as. I called him as someone i have always respected as a father and held in very high esteem. I worked with him from the former presidents (JZU’s) time He has told me strongly that he is 100% behind Dr Laz and it’s not his behaviour to work against his leader. He says he feels he has been “tricked up” by this team so that whatever they are doing “zioneke kuti zikulemerera” . I trust his word. I have always respected this gentleman!
[13/01 21:36] Felix Njonjonjo: But is the signature on the letter his?
[13/01 21:36] Hon Msukwa: Kodi convention iliko lithi ithetse minyozo
[13/01 21:38] Hon Elia Kamphinda: I hope he meant that. Otherwise freedom fighters are angry. Malawians are like slaves today. No single person must deny them their right to vote Chakwera as their leader. By the way, kodi Mai Manjamkhosi akudziwa kuti a Msawoya nda Kaliyo olemba mmezozo?
[13/01 21:39] Hon Rhino Chiphiko: Hon. Lombola is not young. He is a well nurtured politician. Why did he pend his signature on that rebellious letter? I am disappointed with his handling of this letter and the issues raised.
[13/01 21:43] Hon Alekeni Menyani: Let Lombola speak for himself ali ndi kamwa. Nkholokolo mmono iyi. Turncoats
[13/01 21:45] Hon Alekeni Menyani: Pakamwa akunena zina pa paper akuika signature. Makofi sanamukwane
[13/01 21:50] Hon Khumbie Chiponda: Kandiero how did he fair. Pls post.


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