MCP Sympathiser Commits Suicide After Being Denied Sex

A Malawi Congress Party sympathiser Damiano Banda 32 of Kayera village T/A Chakhadza, District; Dowa terminated his life after taking pesticides…(cyclemetic poison) on Monday 8th January 2018 around 1900 hrs at Dimi area in Embangweni in Mzimba after being denied sex.

Damiano now deceased on this particular date at around 1400hrs went to see his girlfriend Lucy Chunga within Embangweni and after a chat he wanted to have carnal knowledge with her but she refused him and told him to bring cash first before they can do sex but the deceased failed to do so and instead he went to Embangweni trading centre and bought the pesticide and went back to his girlfriend at around 1900hrs and drunk it in her presence and then vanished into the bush.

The woman (girlfriend) reported the matter to deceased’s boss who by the help of community policing members mounted a search and they found him at around 2300hrs lying down in the bush with foam in the mouth and nose, they rushed with him to Embangweni hospital where he was admitted…..unfortunately he died while receiving treatment.

Death was due to suffocation!He is reported to have been a staunt opposition MCP member.


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