Mia Plots To Oust Chakwera:Sets Parallel Structures Country Wide

Mia plans to oust Chakwera

Lower Shire political rolling stone Sidik Mia is plotting to oust Reverend Lazarus Chakwera in a plot that has seen the “old” elected members directly clash with a faction that is supporting Mia’s takeover at the party convention slated for August 2018.

Chakwera who was alerted of the plot in November after one of the party’s key donors met Mia, Treasurer General Ryhno Chiphiko and Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka without his knowledge and since then the party’s coffers have been running dry with the three managing all the funds.

“The convinced the donor that Chakwera is personalising the money. The donor was assured that Mia, Chiphiko being the party’s treasurer general and Mkaka as deputy secretary general were the authority to handle all donations. They collected ZAR200,000 to prepare party structures in readiness for the convention,” reveals a source privy to the matter.

Mia’s faction has ropped in Chiphiko, Nkaka and Harry Mkandawire who will have replaced current Vice President Richard Msowoya, while the team is short listed several prominent MP’s to try and convince them to run as Vice President and runningmate to Mia in the 2019 elections.


Among the MP’s targeted include Lilongwe Mapuyu MP Joseph Njobvuyalema, Lilongwe Mpenu MP Watson Makala Ngozo and Khumbize Kandodo for Kasungu South East. Others mentioned include Dedza Northwest MP Alekeni Menyani, Lilongwe Nsinja MP Lingson Belekanyama and former Minister Ken Kandodo.

“Chakwera’s aide have been receiving money from Mia for long time including Henry Kamata, Nkaka and others. Mia wants to have ago at presidency and since Chakwera dumped Msowoya and others elected at convention, he is now on his own, as most MP’s and party officials are being fed by Mia,” said another Chakwera aide.

The argument at the convention Mia’s faction will give at the convention is that MCP has failed to make it with someone from Central Region since 1994. If Mia can be given a chance he can garner votes in the Southern Region and also among Muslims which can change the party’s fortunes.

“Mia will become president, followed by someone in the central region and Mkandawire will become a senior Minister almost equivalent to second vice president. That is why you see Harry Mkandawires team has all joined MCP and will replace most bonafide party delegates in the north, the same with Mia in the south and Chakwera cant stand a chance to beat the two regions during convention.,” boasted one of Mia’s strategists.

Chakwera removed most of those elected at convention and those appointed by the first NEC that when he became aware of the plot, he literally declared that everyone who had been moved out of position is back.

“The President is aware of those moves and he has a list of those involved. That’s why he reversed the expulsion and you can see Mkaka resisting return of Kabwilas and Kaliwos for this will remove Mia’s people to control the party delegates to convention. This means Chiphiko who has been working with Mia is out as Treasurer General and Tony Kandiero is back, the same with Kabwira and Ezeckiel Ching’oma. We are not sure of Jumbe’s position, but these are genuine MCP members than the plotters,” charged a senior party official close to Chakwera.

MCP is currently sailing through troubled waters and the latest revelations indicate how the main opposition is likely to break, with Mia resigning if he fails to get any position and Speaker Richard Msowoya also expected to quit if he loses. Mia and Mkandawire have worked together from the UDF, DPP then in PP and now in MCP.


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