Chewalism Hits Lilongwe Congress Party Formerly MCP:It’s A One District Party

MCP Officials from LL against Tumbukas in MCP

It has been revealed that nepotism has hit Malawi Congress Party with all its key position occupied by Chewas from Lilongwe district, a development which has angered some people in MCP saying the party has now turned to be Lilongwe Congress Party with the Chewalism in it.

Have  a look at this

  1. President ….Chakwera = Lilongwe
  2. 2nd Vice SG ….Mkaka= Lilongwe
  3. Treasurer General ….Chiphiko= Lilongwe
  4. Vice TG….Chipuwa = Lilongwe
  5. Deputy Publicity….Ching’oma = Lilongwe
  6. Organizing Secretary ….Lowe= Lilongwe
  7. Director of Elections ….Thyolera= Lilongwe
  8. Director of Youth ….Chakhwantha= Lilongwe
  9. Director of Political Affairs…..Sendeza = Lilongwe
  10. 1st Deputy Political Affairs….Bondo = Lilongwe
  11. Director of Women Affairs…..Manjamkhosi = Lilongwe
  12. Director of Campaign…..Dzoole Mwale = Lilongwe
  13. 1st Deputy Public Relations…..Kamata seda boy = Lilongwe
  14. Director of Social Services ….. Belekanyama= Lilongwe
  15. 1st Deputy Director of Social Services….. = Lilongwe
  16. 1st Deputy Director of Recruitment….. = Lilongwe
  17. Director of Strategic Planning……Khombe = Lilongwe
  18. 1st Deputy Director of International Affairs .Njovuyalema= Lilongwe

This is Lilongwe Congress Party (LCP) not  Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Now you can understand why people are agitating for a convention.



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