APM Is Malawi’s Greatest Achiever In 2017…JFM Is The Most Accurate,Unbiased Reporter

President Arthur Peter Mutharika is the greatest achiever of 2017

Malawi President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika is the achiever of all the achievers in the just ended 2017.

Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led administration have registered a number of great successes which has earned him as the Greatest achiever in the past year.

Among other major things, President Arthur Peter Mutharika has managed to maintain the economy of Malawi without donor budget support through economic shocks of national disasters and the nation of Malawi survived national floods, drought and famine for two consecutive years.

Under the leadership of President Peter Mutharika, the economy of Malawi is growing again. From 2.7 per cent, the economy has risen to 6.4 per cent of real GDP growth. Inflation has fallen to the single digit of 7.7 per cent.
Over the past one year prices of many commodities have remained stable.

In 2017, the pump prices of fuel have not increased and the the local currency has been stable. For the first time in the history of Malawi under the leadership of President Peter Mutharika, our forex reserves have risen to 5.6 months import cover.

President Mutharika has not just been given the Greatest achiever of 2017 but he has earned it, For the first time in our history, Malawians have their own National Identity Card .This is not a simple achievement and it will go down in history that in the year 2017, President Peter Mutharika’s government accomplished the National ID project.

Another remarkable success of Mutharika in the ended year is the connecting of people, businesses, offices and places on a National Optic Fibre Backbone.Malawi is taking a good path into the digital age and Malawi must have affordable, fast and reliable internet.

With so many success stories about Mutharika’s leadership. There were also other individuals who tirelessly spread the good news of what is going on in the country as a way of informing the nation.

The best accurate and unbiased reporter in the year goes to Mzuzu based Julius Zimwanda Mithi of JFM fame.Mithi has proven to be accurate and unbiased in his reporting.

He was the center of informing the nation both positive and negatives stories about what our government has been doing, he also reported the same for the opposition parties and other entities without fear or favour.

Julius Mithi was also at the helm of exposing some ill things that our politicians have been doing.


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  • Kkkkkkkkk, wow, so Malawi has such huge hand clappers? So he is the greatest acheiver? Acheiever indeed, I am sure if the writer of this nonsense lives in Malawi or may he/she is on the pay roll of DPP. Mwaitha.

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