‘Homeless’ Ex-Minister Chiku Hiwa’s Marriage Shaken:Sharing Linda’s Forbidden Fruit With Prophet Hara

Former Minister Chikumbutso Hiwa and Prophet Justice Hara Bonking One Chick Linda Galimoto

Former Minister in the Joyce Banda administration Chikumbutso Hiwa has his twelve years marriage which was officiated at a Seventh-Day Adventist church shaken , owing to the libidinous life and infidelity.

Chikumbutso Hiwa who is married to Eldecy Mvalamanja Hiwa for twelve years and has two kids with his matrimonial wife Eldecy but now he has put his marriage on its death bed with Linda galimoto, the woman who he has been bonking for sometime now and shares her forbidden fruit with one Prophet Justice Hara.

The homeless former minister who owns no house in town but lives in a two bedroom house belonging to Malawi Housing in Area 11 is reported to be renting his concubine Linda Galimoto a three bedroomed fenced house with security in Area 14 while him and the wife continue living miserably in a small housing house.

As that is not enough, while the wife Eldecy Mvalamanja Hiwa is on record to be finding it hard to travel to town to an extent of boarding minibuses since she has no car of her own while Linda Galimoto is driving a Toyota Fortuner BLK 7474 belonging to Chikumbutso Hiwa.

Former Minister Hiwa at one time caught Prophet Justice Hara in the act of bonking the woman who he pays rent for and drives his car around town while his wife is footing and vowed never to be in an affair with her but the youthful politician failed to live by his word.

Sources close to side chick Linda Galimoto have told this publication that the concubine at times provokes the real wife to his through phone calls, texts and on facebook but the wife never respond to her.

Due to his irresponsible behavior, Chikumbutso Hiwa was told to step aside from running Kings Foundation, a school which was founded by his mother who died few years ago, after Hiwa is reportedly to have assaulted her and due to shock, she collapsed and pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Apart from having a sexual affairs with Chikumbutso Hiwa and Prophet Justice Hara for her living, Linda Galimoto is also known as a lady who survives by baking cakes in town.



  • William Justin Banda

    Guess What??
    Zomwe Mkunena izi eni ake amadzimva but they know kut palibe chomwe angapeze pa ntchito yolimbana nanu!!
    I attended the cross over service of this year at his church and do u know what they{Hara & Hiwa} did and say to prove u wrong??
    The only mistake Hara made in his comment about this post was that he thought that this post was written by Malawi24 instead of u {Malawi Independent}
    Hara said “About 2 days ago the Malawi24 wrote something about me and that man I don’t know why this publication likes to talk bad about the Prophets anyway this is the man{Hiwa} but please don’t answer them anything just forgive them and as for me I have already forgave them
    Both Hiwa and Hara were there at Kamuzu Institute for cross over!!

  • Ma prophets ambiri of today ndi mahule othelatu. Real prophets are very very few.

  • I caught one prophet red handed (name withheld). Koma ku ministry yake, he said the usual thing “I have forgiven those who are lying against me”.

    99% of these so called prophets are womanizers.

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