MCP,Times Group Caught Pants Down Lying: No Kid Died Due To Blackouts At KCH

Times Group and MCP propaganda fails

CLARIFICATION ON TIMES Newspaper’s ” Power Outage Kills Four Children at KCH, Christmas Horror”

On Wednesday 27 December, Daily Times published an article that claimed 4 babies died as a result of a loss of power at the Kamuzu Central Hospital. The Minister of Health and Population, Hon Atupele Muluzi MP instructed the Secretary of Health and Population, Dr Dan Namarika to conduct an investigation into the issue. Through the 24 hours of Christmas Day (25 December) 2 babies tragically died at Kamuzu Hospital. The first died because of a severe case of Malaria and the second was suffering a severe medical condition and tragically arrived too late at admissions to be treated. Neither death was caused because of the loss of any power.
Through the 24 hours of Christmas Day, Kamuzu Central Hospital did suffer a loss of power. This was for approximately 10 minutes and unfortunately the back up generator failed to cover this period. During this time no deaths were recorded at the hospital.

Minister of Health and Population has been saying that any loss of life is a tragedy, particularly those of young children, however there was very little that the medical team could have done to save either child despite the professionalism that they showed caring for both patients. We hope that the families of both children will accept the sincere condolences of all in the Malawi medical service and we hope we can respect their privacy at this tragic time.

Secretary of Health Dr Dan Namarika has also said 100Kw of solar power from the recent Global Fund grant will be installed at KCH early in January. While this is not a total solution it will go some way supporting the hospital with its future power needs.

Joshua Malango
Spokesperson – Ministry of Health”


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  • Kondani dziko lanu inu MCP bodza silingakukhazikeni pa mpando wolamulira dziko ai Komanso dzindikilani kuti MCP ndi kholo la zipani zonse mdziko muno. Tipempha muzionesa chisanzo chabwino Ku ntundu wa a Malawi: Timanyadira chipani chathuchi

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