K 1.6 Billion Goes Missing Without Trace At Auction Holdings Ltd: CEO Fired

Loot at AHL cost the company K 1.6 billion

New revelations have it that money amounting to K 1.6 billion has gone missing and it’s wherea can’t be traced , at one of the subsidiaries of Auction Holding Limited ,Malawi Independent can confirm.

According to Cadet Eyes who went deep investigating into the loot, the rot at Auction Holdings has resulted in billions of missing .

This has in turn led to the firing Kasamale, the of CEO of the AHL .

There is also a possibility that several individuals are likely to be fired and dragged to court for gross negligence, abuse of office and theft.


One comment

  • Shocked but not surprised with the AHL news, being a former employee. Dig deeper please.

    Point of correction: Kasamale was General Manager of Malawi Leaf Company, a subsidiary of AHL Group Ltd and not CEO of AHL Group Ltd.

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