MCP Will Always Be Losers And Cry Babies:Loosing Is In Their DNA

MCP has never changed

That MCP is accusing PP MPs for being bribed K150,000 each to  vote against the 50+1 bill is a silly argument.

But it is not strange coming from MCP.

MCP has FAILURE in its DNA. There is never a time it has accepted defeat and blamed itself for failing. It ALWAYS blames others. That’s what born LOSERS do.

Blaming government for bribing PP MPs with  K150,000 to vote against 50+1 is the way of MCP. It has a history of never looking at itself when it has failed.

In the past 24 years, Malawi has held five general elections. In each one of those, MCP has lost. Not in one of those times has MCP blamed itself for losing. It has blamed the winning party for rigging.

MCP refuses to accept that it is failing to reform to conform to the spirit of democracy. In this day and age, it is the only party that hounds its members that criticise its leadership.

MCP refuses to accept that it is still a tribal grouping that can’t extend its reach beyond the Central region. That is why all shadow cabinet ministers Lazarus Chakwera has appointed are from the Central region.

When it fails in the North and South and in the East where people feel the party does not represent them because it never reaches out to them, it blames others for the failure.

In the 2014 elections, Chakwera and his party lost to DPP and President Peter Mutharika. The party blamed DPP for rigging. It failed to admit that it did not offer an impressive manifesto.

In addition, Chakwera chose not to acknowledge that his campaign in the South was one trip along M1 Road, u-turning in Blantyre heading towards Zomba City and then on Liwonde- Mangochi road and back to Lilongwe. It was a whistle stop along the main roads. He could not acknowledge that. He could not admit that voters do not stay in the street. He blamed DPP for the loss and not that MCP did not speak to people.

Now comes the 50+1 bill. Who does MCP blame?   Government and PP MPs. They are claiming that government bribed PP MPs with K150, 000 each to reject the bill. Even a child knows this is a silly argument.

MCP can’t ask itself critical questions: Was the agenda we have been  pursuing in the public interest? Did we understand what we were doing in pushing for the bill? Does democracy mean that our position is the only one that is right and is the one to be accepted by everyone else? Did we do enough to educate others on what we were pushing for?

It doesn’t, but blame everyone else. That’s why every development which people see this government making, Chakwera sees failure on it.

It is out of the same failure mentality that Lazarus Chakwera looks at all the development happening in the country and sees failure.

MCP has read all the signs and realised that they will fail in 2019. They know they cannot win a national election.

That is why they are using PAC to undermine Government so that they can come into power via the backdòor.

Such is  the MENTALITY of a LOSER. He wants shortcuts. He coats everything others are doing with failure to make their case. He blames others for own failure, even if it means advancing a very cheap and silly argument in defence.


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