Enoch Chihana Calls Tumbukas Ambewa, Makoswe:Calls AFORD Members Useless

Enock Chihana Calls Tumbukas mbewa and Makoswe pockets MK 45 million from Mia

Former AFORD President Enoch Chihana has launched an attack on Tumbukas calling them useless mbewa (Mice) and Makoswe (Rats) for pushing him left and right with the affairs of he party his father founded, saying nobody can take AFORD away from him among the Tumbukas,  a leaked telephone conversation which Malawi Independent has in its possession has revealed .

Chihana went further to threaten any member of AFORD who stand on his way saying he has the powers to lock out anyone outside of the party.

As that is not enough, he lambasted Ramp of being poor boys who have failed to raise even K 1 million but him in his personal capacity dishes out millions.

Angry Chihana boosts of having weapons of mass destruction and warned that his patience has worn out, so that now he is going to hit his opponents hard with them, citing examples of how he finished political career of people like Kwauli Msiska.


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