What A Dramatic Week Of 2017:What’s The Next Drama?

MK 165 million wasted at Malawi parliament

  1. In his speech weeks before drama begins, Lazarus Chakwera tells
    Malawians that Peter Mutharika’s Government will not last the end of
    the year. Then, PAC moves to demand to change Government and
    demand transformative leadership using 50+1 electoral bill. They set a
    date national wide demonstrations.

  2. In a meeting, Catholic Bishops are ambushed with an AOB item
    (which was not on their agenda) to endorse PAC demonstrations.
    The Bishops bless the demonstrations without knowing the contents
    of the bill, without knowing the political agenda.

  3. Vice President reads in a church letter from Episcopal Conference of
    Malawi urging Christians to demonstrate against Government.
    Criticism mounts. He sends a Press Release to selected media
    houses distancing himself from encouraging demonstrations and
    quietly withdraws the Press Release before it is out.

  4. As PAC gets more determined to demonstrate against Government,
    Catholic Bishops face fierce criticism and pressure from their own
    priests and laity for mobilising Christians to demonstrations for
    a bill which did not consult Malawians.

  5. While most Malawians remained in the dark of the actual reason for
    demonstrations, The Daily Times makes the mistake of revealing that
    PAC wanted change of Government. PAC changes tune from
    demanding the tabling of the 50+1 electoral bill to wage a campaign
    on social issues.

  6. Public opinion sways against PAC as the public, religious leaders and
    the Bishops feel betrayed for endorsing demonstrations for electoral
    reforms while PAC had other motives revealed by Daily Times.

  7. Churches and Moslems one by one begin to urge their members not
    to join the demonstrations. A state of confusion spreads everywhere.

  8. Tick tock! Tick tock! One week to go before Parliament rises. Friday!
    Cabinet passes the 50+1 electoral bill to go to Parliament.

  9. Monday! Bill circulates in Parliament. MPs go mad for getting a bill
    that requires the President, MPs themselves Councillors to be equally
    elected on the 50+1 majority.

  10. Euphoria over Malawi as the nation learns that the bill is presented
    to Parliament and especially that the 50+1 will include MPs.

  11. At 6pm Monday PAC walks into an emergency meeting. At 9pm they
    walk out having agreed to CANCEL DEMONSTRATIONS but use the
    language of POSTPONING DEMONSTRATIONS instead.

  12. Malawians watch what happens next!


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