PAC’s Talking Notes At Coming Press Conference Leak:Here Are The Details



As 10am is fast approaching for the PAC press briefing, we can confidently reveal what the Presser will be like and lets expect as follows:

  1. That they will indeed officially announce the POSTPONEMENT of the Demos.

  2. That they will still continue to print t-shirts and placards

  3. That they will pronounce their dislike for Dpp especially statements made that ‘ PAC is a Bunch of Confusionists’ and that ‘Government Is Not Accountable to PAC’ made by Hon Grace Obama and Hon Tembenu. PAC will therefore be indirectly attacking Dpp, and therefore attacking APM.

  4. That they will now direct their fire on Parliament since ‘the Executive and President have done what the PAC Petition wanted’. However, PAC will very much be watching the conduct of Dpp MPs closely during debate of the Bills in the House.

  5. That it has not been an easy decision for PAC to arrive at resolution to ‘postpone’ the demos because close to 80% of the PAC leaders were still in favour of the Demos.


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