PAC’s Devilish Regime Change Move Exposed:Church Being Used Blindly As MCP, CSO Earlier Failed

PAC using the church blindly to advocate for regime change

A move by Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to advocate for regime change through unconstitutional mechanisms  has been exposed with latest developments emerging that the Quasi religious body  has brainwashed the church to follow them blindly without knowing their ulterior devilish mission of toppling the current regime.

This is not the first time for PAC to be engaged in acts which are aimed at changing the regime, as earlier in the year they did the same at a conference they organised at Mount Soche in Blantyre, where Malawi Congress Party and CSO’s were fronted to be calling for regime change a move which failed to materialize.

According to our sources, the regime change hidden move which is coming in the form of demonstration for electoral reforms was hatched by MCP and being financed by Sidik Mia who convinced PAC to engage the church as the best way of achieving their agenda citing that most christians will follow the movement blindly without noticing their real intentions since MCP and the CSO failed to achieve the same.

Barely days after government tabled the electoral reforms bill and presented them to parliament, PAC has changed tune saying their demonstrations will go on and instead to the electoral reforms, they will bring in new issues contrary to their original arrangement.


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