Mia Sponsors PAC To Go On With Demos Despite Govt Tabling Electoral Reform Bills: Quasi Body Changes Tune

PAC leaders change tune on December 13 demos

A new twist has emerged to the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) demonstrations slated for December 13 which they had earlier planned to force government to bring to parliament electoral reform bills, with the later being disagreements between religious bodies as some are saying citizens have to be civic educated first while the other group say the demos should go on but will focus on other issues affecting Malawians.

Malawi Independent investigations have uncovered a move that some of the members of the quasi religious body have pocketed about MK 10  million from business magnate and Malawi Congress Party prospect running mate in the coming elections Sidik Mia not to cancel the demonstration as the government has tabled six electoral reform bills but instead, bring in new issues as a way of carrying on with the demonstration.

The truth of the matter is that the opposition is afraid of losing again the 2019 elections as they are seeing DPP not in the position to lose the elections with the numerous development projects they are undertaking and as such, MCP wants to use the church to advance their political agenda.

It has been established that Malawians are being pushed to go to the streets to demonstrate on electoral reforms without even understanding of what these reforms are all about as the civic education was not done and others are pushing for them in the remaining days before the demos, a development which has caused cracks further within the organisers.



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