Blantyre Synod, SDA , Pentecostal Churches Against PAC Demos…Opt For Prayers


Blantyre synod, SDA and Pentecostals not part of December 13 demos

The Blantyre Synod of Church Of Central African Presbyterian, Seventh-Day Adventist Church and Pentecostal Churches notably Malawi Assemblies Of God, Calvary Family Church, Living waters and others have distances themselves from the PAC demonstrations slated for December 13  .

These churches have told this publication that the demonstrations  cannot bring peace in the country rather chaos, riots if not properly managed by organisers and that they have no  positive impact on common Malawians,because dialogue was to be the first step on this matters and if it failed they could go on with demonstrations but the organisers have opted for demos and such being the case, they will urge their followers to pray for Malawi as this is the only way the church can preach for peace , love and propserity for the nation at the end let God will do the rest.

PAC organised demonstration on 13 December to push for electoral forms but there are new twists to matter with those in the forefront changing the demonstration goals upon learning that the government has tabled the electoral reform bills.



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