MCP Can’t Win Elections With 50 + ,They Will Even Goof On Re-Run: Warns Sibande

MCP cant win elections with 50+

MCP has always lost elections because they have always lacked talent and shrewd minds among them to strategize on how to win elections. Nthawi zonse amakakamila zinthu zoti puts them at a disadvantage towards winning elections and they dont notice.

The only way MCP can stand a chance of winning in 2019 is if we maintain the current electoral system. Its impossible for MCP to all of a sudden get beyond 50% of votes.

They have tried it with alliances since 1999 and always failed.

I suspect they are banking hopes on a re-run. But thats a very dangerous way to think. When MCP loses in the first round, it will lose again in the re-run because “swinging voters” would have noticed that they made a mistake and will swing to DPP in the re-run.

Swinging voters are rational and cast intelligent vote. They will not want to waste their vote twice. If they see that DPP was ahead they will switch their confidence. Swinging voters are like gumblers.

Secondly, if MCP leads in the first round, they are more likely to lose in the re-run because DPP has the most shrewd, cunning and smartest strategists we have in the country. Thats why DPP never loses elections whether in government or opposition. In fact, the last time DPP contested while in government they won with a 50+1. A re-run will give DPP strategists a gap to fix what was broken and they are the best at doing that. They will definitely pull off an unexpected surprise in the re-run if MCP leads.

If I were a member of MCP, I would advise Chakwera to drop the 50+1 chase, and make sure its not tabled.

I want someone to take a screenshot of this post, and show it to me if the 50+1 passes and we have a re-run in 2019


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