Catholic Church Divided Over PAC Demos As CI ,St Pius Refuse To Read It…Limbe Cathedral Cancels It

Roman catholic church divided over PAC demos

Divisions have locked the Roman Catholic church over the demonstration slated for December 13 on electoral reforms, with new revelations emerging that some catholic churches refused to read the letter with a  the calling  for christians to join the demonstrations while at some churches, the reading of the letter was cancelled when christains reacted negatively to the call saying they wanted to concentrate on prayers.

Information gathered by this publication indicates that the CI Catholic Church in Blantyre refused to read the letter saying they saw no need to do saw.

At Limbe Cathedral, the letter was read in the first mass but the congregation murmured aloud, prompting the church to suspend its announcement in the second vernacular mass.

As that was not enough, the St Pius Church is on record to have o refused to read the letter and told the congregation to focus on prayers and find the letter if they wish.




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