LL Based MCP Officials Gang Up To Eliminate Party Members Of Tumbuka Origin:Chakwera Approves The Move

MCP Officials from LL against Tumbukas in MCP

Information gathered from the inner circle of MCP leadership suggest that most of the youths in the party are disgruntled because of a tendency by a powerful clique of people who all have origins in Lilongwe and led by Eisenhower Mkaka.

It is alleged this group has wielded so much power that they protect Reverend Chakwera as their own “property”.

It is not easy for any member to access the MCP President without a very strict vetting or approval of Eisenhower Mkaka or any member of that inner group.

This has been indicated also by the Mayor of Lilongwe City who has just defected to the DPP.

The group has also gone further by labelled whosoever questions any issue within the party as either nkholokolo or a sympathizer of Right Honourable Richard Msowoya who has technically been sidelined in the leadership hierarchy.

One such case was displayed yesterday when one Kondwani Kaunda who is one of the leaders of a group that calls itself MCP Champions was tasked to explain why the Speaker, Right Honourable Richard Msowoya meant when he said the Electoral bills cannot be forced to be brought into the National Assembly.

He was asked to consult with his fellow Tumbukas to explain why their fellow Tumbuka in the Speaker decided on this.

It should be noted that Kondwani Kaunda is a mere grassroot supporter of MCP and is not an MP nor does not work for the speaker to know of the reasons behind.

His own crime is that he is Tumbuka and coming from a region where the speaker also originates.

Reverend Chakwera and his close associates are not democrats.

They is a strong dictatorial tendency in him and his team that is shrewdly hiding under democracy.

One only needs to go to the Malawi Assemblies of God to prove this.

One may also go back to recent past where anyone speaking or advocating a contrary view to Chakwera were suspended from the party with others expelled completely.

Chakwera’s integrity as a leader is so questionable. He has failed to display any sembrance of a democratic leader.

He is a bitter and dishonest person. Just a few days ago, he used unparliamentary words against the leadership of this country, something one would not have expected from a former Reverend or should we say a fallen reverend.

His nepotistic tendancies are well known even from the days of the leadership in the church. Today if you are not from Lilongwe, you do not stand a chance of being close to him.

He has even gone further by using vehicles with a registration number with a prefix of LL, kindly offered by the Procurement Specialist at the Central Medical Stores, Charles Khombeni.

Under Chakwera, MCP has failed to honour city rates, it has failed to timely pay water and electricity bills. Only Chakwera knows how much finances the party has in any bank account.

He has given his blue eyed boy Mkaka all the positions of influence. Deputy Secretary General, Publicity Secretary, Director of Finance and a string of other positions, disregarding the very constitution on which the MCP is grounded on.

It is up to the supporters/followers to make a decision on all this.


One comment

  • DPP zikukuvutani kuyendetsa dziko inu.. Tangosiyani izi mukulisaukitsa dziko.. Mpakana tizingowonelera pabwerenso 10000 kwacha ya pepala zoona.. Magetsi akukuvutani madzinso akukuvutani mwakwezanso mitengo ya bill y magetsi koma magetsi ake osayakawa?
    Kwenikweni ndichani inuyo zoona tizikafera ku joni chifukwa chothawa Malawi.. Look open your eyes.. Things are not right now..
    STEP DOWN DPP PLEASE amene tikuvutika ndiife amphawife pilizi dziko likukukanikani. Dont focus on Money too much.. Pliz Step down or God will Strike you with a curse..
    Malawi yafika powawa ngati ndulu mmmh..

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