Chakwera Caught Naked In The Act Of Bankrolling T/A Dzoole’ Chieftaincy Confusions

Chakwera accused of sponsoring chieftancy wrangles in Dowa

The self-acclaimed Man of God who had fallen out of God’s grace and decided to concentrate on earthly things instead of preaching for the gospel of salvation and the second coming of Jesus Christ Lazaro Black Cock Chakwera who is now Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President, has been caught pants down in the act of sponsoring TA Dzoole’s chieftaincy wrangles in Dowa District, this publication can reveal.

According to highly reliable sources within the opposition fold, Chakwera connived with T/A Dzoole of Dowa over chieftaincy wrangles to put the blame on government and implicate Minister of Local Hon Kondwani Nankhumwa in the process to gain his political mileage in this area where Malawi Congress party continues to be unpopular.

Source close to Chakwera revealed to us that the once man of God  has a hand in the chieftaincy wrangles of David Chiwaya STA Mwancheka.

The Mwancheka Chieftaincy under T/A Dzoole in Dowa District has been under dispute. Banda was illegally appointed to the post by former president Joyce Banda.

MCP is also using its mouthpiece the Times Group to promote the wrangle, no wonder in today’s paper, they have published this senseless article in its frontpage as a way of covering their dirty.


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