ZBS Employees Quitting Over ‘Beggars Salary,’ Poor Leadership: More Key Staff Set To Resign

ZBS Managing Director Gospel Kazako

Malawi’s Private owned ZBS TV and Radio has been hit by tsunami and mass resignation of key reporters due to poor salary scale, bad leadership, unbearable staff welfare and information in our possestion indicates that more key staff are set to resign within the week . Malawi Independent has learnt.

Confirmed information indicates that staff at ZBS have been asking for salary increments but management has always turned down their requests and a move which almost forced the scribes to down their tools until their grievances are sorted out and the situation was only saved when the union intervened.

The union which had a closed meeting with management where a proposal was made to have the salaries been increased with 10% to most of the workers and 20% to the selected few, a move which the workers have denied saying its as good as nothing and a great mockery to them.

While junior staff get peanuts and suffering, Directors are getting over MK 800,000 in addition to other benefits which includes company car, rentals and school fees to dependents.

Some of those to have resigned includes : Lawrence Luhanga who was the TV coordinator, Joseph Malambo a cameraman, Sheila Chimphamba projects officer, Gladys Phiri who was projects officer and more are planning to quit.

Among others who are planning to quit are Chancy Mloza, Owen Lupeska,Dan Mawawa, Joseph Mwanoka, Winstone Mwale, Malick Mnela,Lucy Chimwaza and George Kalungwe.

Last week we reported of the ill treatment some journalists are getting from ZBS management and how incompetence brothers of Gospel Kazako have been contributing to the poor working conditions at the opposition MCP mouth poiece.


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  • Rodgers Bonongwe

    This is true. In fact the big issue which is yet to explode is about NICO pensions arrears of over MK 90 million which were deducted from employees but not remitted to NICO.

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