Strong Worded Letter To One Useless Enock Chihana:Leave AFORD Out Of Your Madness

It’s my humbly pleasure to write this to you direct not as an insult nor underrating your capacity but I feel I’m free in your arms to speak my thought and as a public figure and mentor you’re.

Sir, I happen to recall few things you told me of which one is to make AFORD great through grooming the young and focused politicians like me, I know we don’t get along but I write this in good faith and its my belief that you’ll understand me better.

Sir, measuring your reign and I can tell that you’ve the zeal and you’re that caliber to be called a leader however, every leaders has two sides viz; good side and bad side and its one put of the two that concludes the legacy of that leader. While the nation is eating deferent cakes from different political leaders it’s my strong belief that only AFORD can feed the nation with better cakes.

Sir, while many negative rumours are around you regarding your conducts since your tenure’s expiry I strongly believe you can turn those rumours into positive one by switching the right button which is people and constitution. Sir, you can’t be a peoples darling if you’re not walking with them again, you can’t force people to walk with you if they don’t want but there is always an opportunity.

Sir, there is a say that ” what goes around comes around”. Saying this every human being is ill somehow but the reason we survive is the reason we change our ways.

Sir, I’m not that better to be your advisor but I’d suggest you call a meeting where all AFORD stakeholders should be available and map the party way forward together, adhere to the constitution and you’ll score a lot of political points. I know you’re optimistic that you’re going to win as MP come 2019 but these undemocratic rumours around you may cost your political career and its not good for AFORD to loose a leader of your caliber, as your madam said to me that you’re not of my levels but I only wish you good as my leader and mentor.

Sir, I know that its a bitter pill to swallow but it remains true that real friends advise wrong advice but those you regard enemies will always tell the needful and its hard to get them. I strongly suggest that you use the advice from those you consider your political enemies and see the benefit.

Finally sir, people are waiting for AFORD and what remains is your constitutional availability so that to heights AFORD goes. I still appeal, call the reconciliation meeting and allow constitution to lead you and those around you should follow suit.

I wish you and the family healthy and prosperous living.

Evison Cizza Nkhoma


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