Two Savage BT Hookers Fight Over MRA Official Cum Married Man:MG2 Vs MG 3 Supremacy Battle

Blantyre Hookers Fight Over MRA Official Cum Married Man:MG2 Vs MG 3 Supremacy Battle

Two slay queens who both live in the commercial City of  Blantyre are not seeing  each other eye to eye and are in a mission to outclass each over a married man who this publication understand works with MRA,  upon realizing that both are enjoying his tax payers money  from the revenue collecting body and taking them both to bed for sexual affairs in the absence of MG 1.

According to some  videos which this publication has in its  possession, the two whores fight has reached an extent of survival of the fittest and disgracing each other in the public domain just to prove each other who gets the big chuck or benefits more from the libidinous man whose fucking habbit has reached an alarming rate in the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe.

Here is the verbatim of the fight between Tsepie and Pacharo, the Blantyre divas chasing after one married man:

TSEPIE: koma pacharo ukadabwelera ku school a beg yr grammar is whack 😕.

PACHARO: OH lili ? I don’t nid edunkashon when I got an anus thako langa nid deal what do u have tsepi? 😏

TSEPIE: HA HA it’s spelled ass abale eish anus ndi bowi lobibilaro

PACHARO: OH whatever bitch bola wamva tayankhanitu muli nchani? 👂🏻

TSEPIE:OH WELL I Have a kitchen (tsepies kitchen) I showcase it on instagram I am a diva #slay queen & I funk a well known lawyer felix tambulasi oh paja amakuchindaninso kaya frank sakukwanani?

PACHARO:he he tsepies kitchen my anus mesa adakugwirania dzakudya zija mwakhala mukuba zithunzi fake bitch

as for ure big headed man ayi ndithu sandiwaza nkonyasa ndimangofunako ndalamazo basi.
TSEPIE:😡 bitch am coming for u.

PACHARO: ukafika pa nyambadwe filling station call me for directions🤗.



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