Mighty DPP’s Gladys Ganda In ‘Thank You’ Rally Despite Loss In Nsanje Lalanje By-Elections

Gladys Ruth Ganda, the losing candidate in the October 17, 2017 parliamentary by elections, which were held in Nsanje Lalanje, made a heroic return to her constituency on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 to address a ‘development rally’.

Hundreds of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters thronged to the rally Ganda addressed to thank all those that voted for her and congratulated the winner, Laurence Sitolo of the main opposition, Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

“I am your daughter; I came here to say thank you all for coming out in large numbers to vote during the by-elections. I am greatly indebted to those who cast their vote in favour of me and the DPP.

“Let me also take this opportunity to thank His Excellency President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and all DPP leaders for their support during campaign in the run-up to the by-elections. But I also wish to congratulate all those that voted for my competitor, Hon. Sitolo.

Gladys Ganda

“All of us cannot be winners; there are losers and only one winner. In this case, Hon. Sitolo won and we say congratulations to him and all his supporters. You can be assured of my personal support,” said Gladys Ganda, holder of an MBA, vastly experienced in banking having worked for the leading commercial banks in Malawi for a long time at senior management level.

Ganda assured the people of Nsanje Lalanje that she would continue serving them as “a daughter” regardless of the by-elections loss, saying she has already planned many development projects, including charitable activities for the people of the constituency.

During her visit to Nsanje Lalanje, she inspected progress on the construction of an Early Child Development Centre (ECDC), which she is personally financing in Nyasaland Village in Mlonda area.

She later presided over the handover ceremony of 200 blankets and over 100 bags of maize flour at Kalemba Community Hospital where Hospital Matron, Sister Jenipher received on behalf of the medical institution.

Sister Jenipher expressed “much gratitude” to the DPP politician for her “timely intervention”.

“These items have arrived here at the most appropriate time when our hospital is facing many challenges including food shortage. The blankets will go a long way to assist patients who are admitted to this hospital, especially pregnant mothers,” she said.

Gladys was wife to late Sam Ganda who was Member of Parliament (MP) for Nsanje Lalanje before he died recently, which culminated in the by-elections.

The late Ganda’s wife emerged victorious to become DPP torchbearer during primary elections held at Bangula Admarc a couple of weeks before the by-elections.

During the by-elections, MCP’s Laurence Sitolo, who got 8,775 votes, and Gladys Ganda, amassed 5,453, which some observers said it was a closely contested battle considering that Ganda was a ‘new-kid-on-the-block’ while Ganda was contesting for the second time.

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