AFORD District Chairmen Slap Enock Chihana With Petition: Wants RAMO Dissolved, Indaba Shifted

Midnight 15 at Chihanas house

Barely days after this publication revealed that Alliance For Democracy (Aford) President had called NEC  members for an emergency meeting at his (Enock Chihana)   residence in  Area 47 sector 5  where he wanted the 15  District chairmen   to change the constitution of the party, so that the President should be given powers to choose delegates to the convention and fire Frank Mwenifumbo from the party.

A new twist to the tale has emerged with the District chairmen hitting back at CHihana by refusing to be his puppets slapping him with a petition in the process as  published here:



1.1. We, the undersigned District Chairperson of Alliance for Democrancy Aford hereby present this Petition to the party president Honourable Enock Chihana and the Entire National Executive Committee.


2.1. The AFORD president, Enock Chihana, called for a meeting of all of us district chairpersons of AFORD. The meeting took place at his residence in sector 5, Area 47. The president had summoned us, the District chairpersons inorder to have our sentiments and grievances put to him following several queries made to him by some of us on various issues effecting the party.

2.2. During the said meeting we discussed many pertinent matters that were aimed at strengthening the party. The two issues that stood out throughout were the National Conference scheduled for 16th December 2017 and the conduct of an affiliated grouping called Revamp AFORD Movement(RAMO).We want the same postponed and dissolved respectively.


3.1. On the above mentioned two topics the members, discussed and resolved as follows;

3.1.1. Postponement of the National Conference Scheduled for 16/12/17

We the undersigned have taken a position that you and your entire NEC should consider adjourning the scheduled National Conference. We are of the view that the decision to hold such an extremely important gathering has been made in haste and without giving due regard to the dictates of the party’s constitution as well as realities on the grounds. There has not been any consultations on the same with the grassroot at all. We hold this view because of the following ;

(i) Dictates of the Constitution

Section 9.1.6 of the AFORD Constitution expressly provides:

(1) The National Chairman shall preside at the National Conference and, in his or her absence, any other member appointed by the National conference;

(2) An emergency meeting of the National Conference may be summoned by the president at any time and shall summoned by him if requested to do so by two thirds of the National Executive Council;

(3) Delegates at the National Conference of the party shall be;

(a) All members of the National Executive Council

(b) All Ministers who are members of the party

(c) All Members of parliament who are members of the Party

(d) One representative being a member of the Constituency in each District;

(e) The Chairman, Secretary, Treasure and their deputies of the District Executive Committee and of the Regional Executive committee;

(f) Two representative from each District other than the office bearers of representatives of constituency Committee

(g) Ten representatives of the following organs from the party;

(i) Young Democrats; and

(ii) Women Affairs.

(h) The Chairman, Secretary, Treasure of each of the affiliate organization of the Party.

(i) All District, Municipality and City Assembly Councilors who are members of the party;

(j) Twenty representatives of “friends of Aford” organs.

As can be ascertained from the above quoted provision, there is need to have proper structures in place in terms of the above mentioned delegates that make up the voting block.

As you are aware, the party has been dormant in the past such that presently there are no grassroot structures.

We do not know, in absence of such structures where such delegates to the elective conference are going to be drawn from. If we are to proceed with the same, there is high likelihood of confusion and disorder that can degenerate into chaos. This is because most likely there would be disagreements in terms of eligibility of delegates to attend and participate in election of leaders. As such in order to avert a looming disaster that has the potential of dismantling the party to pieces, there is an urgent need to pend the conference. We need the time in between to organize the party so that by the time the conference is called, all the structures are in place and all delegates known. This will ensure peaceful atmosphere and an enabling environment for all voters so that the democratic process takes place smoothly with no disgruntled parties.

In this regard, we therefore ask you honourable President and your entire NEC to adjourn the National Conference to sometime after April, 2018.

We have proposed the month of April or whereabouts because it is post farming season and also the weather is also conducive for travel as there are no rains. Furthermore we feel 4 months is enough to go flat out and engage in establishment of structures at the grassroot level and have all things in place for the most important indaba of our party.

(ii) Reality in the ground

It is no secret that as of the present the party does not have the financial capacity to organize a conference of that Magnitude. The party needs to go into fundraising drive in order to bring resource to enable it hold the meeting. This resource mobilization cannot take place in less than a month. We need to identify possible sources and go on a drive to fund raise. Otherwise without funds it is not worthwhile exercise to have a date set with no known funds. It is a futile mission.

To proceed with the conference with no known funds risks the party being hijacked by other forces that can provide the funding for their own agenda.

The fundraising and resource mobilization for the party should be collectively done so that there is sense of ownership as well as transparency and accountability. All sources of the funds must be known and appreciated by everyone. This will ensure that there is no room for manipulation by third parties with evil intentions against AFORD .

As such to attain the desire expressed above, we need to have sufficient time for the fund raising. We therefore ask yourselves to do a serious soul searching and see if the party in its present form has money to organize the conference.

As for us we know that it is practically impossible. The reality on the ground is that the party has no money to handle conference. Much as we would want to have the conference as a matter of urgency, we have no choice as it is practically impossible. Let us be realistic and approach the while issue practically.


We acknowledge that on application under section of the AFORD Constitution the party has liberty to acknowledge an affiliate organization.

We have no problems and in fact we would encourage that the party have affiliates. This is very important to harness and attract more members. However it is of paramount importance that such groupings must add value to the party. The affiliation must work in tandem with the party’s values and principles.

We have noted with great concern that the affiliation known as “RAMO” has none of the above outlined attributes. The grouping instead of advancing the parties agenda it is in fact fighting against the party.

With great dismay and shock, we have watched members of RAMO actively fighting against the very tenets and values the AFORD as a party stands far.

The above is manifested itself in the following manner;

(a) The members of RAMO have on numerous occasions issued statements contradicting the leadership.

(b) RAMO has been soliciting funds purportedly for the Party activities but there has never been a report as to whereabouts of the funds so collected. There is no accountability and transparency on how such monies have been solicited.

(c) Members of RAMO have on various occasions through social media castigating and ridiculed the party’s leadership thereby putting the party into disrepute and being seen as a laughing stock.

3.2. We feel that this RAMO may have started with a good and noble intention. However it is evidently clear that somewhere along the way it has lost direction and its continued existence is ruining and hurting the party. Its affiliation status must be revoked and consequently be dissolved. It is now a liability to the party and must be done away with as a matter of urgency. It has been hijacked by other peoples agenda and is advancing personal agendas.


4.1. We the undersigned therefore request the following from you the President and NEC;

  1. That you postpone the National Conference scheduled for 15th December 2017.
  2. That you proceed to dissolve RAMO as it is destroying the party.


5.1. Attached hereto are all our names and signatures indorsing this petition in full.

Dated this 14th day of November 2017


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