AFORD’s Chihana Wants Mwenifumbo Fired For Fear Of Challenging His Presidency

Cracks  have started to emerge in the Alliance for Democracy (Aford)  ahead of its make-or-break convention next month to elect its presidential candidate for 2019 Tripartite Elections as party president Enoch Chihana wants the contest to be cancelled and that favourite to succeed him, Karonga Central legislator Frank Mwenifumbo  should be fired.

Chihana claims Mwenifumbo is a “traitor” who wants sell the party to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) when he takes over the reins of Aford presidency.

Cracks open up in Aford between Chihana (r) anf Mwenifumbo

Chihana summoned some Aford member at his residence in Lilongwe after his return from Pretoria, South Africa and asked the rank and file to fire Mwenifumbo as he has expressed interest to run as Aford president at the convention.

He has also unliterary ordered that the  party’s general secretary Christopher Ritchie and regional chairman for the centre Mr Kamoto be removed from their positions, Malawi Independent  understands.

Chihana accuses the two for  insubordination, charges which they dismiss as flimsy.

The Aford leader  is also dismissing the movement called ‘Revamp AFORD’ popularly known as RAMO .

Mwenifumbo,  who is currently in Uganda for parliamentary  duties, saying he has learnt of the crisis in the party.

“I have heard there are some issues in the party but when  I come back home I will be able to understand them better,” he said.

The development comes after the official resignation of Chihana’s advisor on media, spokesperson and personal assistant Saulos Thindwa.

Mwenifumbo, however, said they will proceed with the decision to have a national convention in December, saying there is mounting demand for Aford to field a candidate in the 2019.

“The party will decide who should represent it in the elections,” he said.

Aford vice-president Martha Chiume confirmed that preparations for the indaba are underway.

“The party believes in democracy. By coming up with leaders through the convention, it will grow even further,” she said.

December 16 convention will be the first time Aford members are going to elect the party’s leaders since the announcement of a movement to revamp the party run by its sole legislator, Enoch Chihana.


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