Tsunami Hits MCP In The North: Mwalwanda Accuses Msowoya Of Creating Parallel Structures

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials in the northern region have said the party is facing the demon of factionalism and slate politics within its rank and file, the party’s Deputy Director of Economic and Planning Dr Cornelius Mwalwanda has said.

MCP members had raised a complaint that there is group known as the ‘Champions’ in the party which is bringing confusion.

“The ‘Champion’ group is suspected to have been created by one of the party’s top official in the north who is intending to challenge MCP president Lazarus Chakwera at the national convention.” Mwalwanda told the gathering at MCP rally in the north.

He addressed the meeting together with MCP’s Karonga district chairman Emmanuel Nkhoma and Deputy Regional Chairman for North Walusako Munde.

“Don’t worry about this group; it will not achieve its agenda. What we can tell you today is that Chakwera is the only candidate that we should support at the convention. The one who is behind the group is a Judas Iscariot, he is an agent who has been sent to persuade you and sell you to enemies as he knows that MCP has more supporters in the north,” said Nkhoma.

MCP officials with Mwalwanda: Parallel structures emerge.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda, Nyasa Times

Mwalwanda said this when he addressed political meetings on Saturday at Ndebwera in Karonga district.


“We know who is behind this. As of now he has bought so many cars and sourced huge amount of cash just to defeat Chakwera but he is just wasting time,” added Nkhoma.

Concurring with Nkhoma, Munde asked hundreds of MCP supporters at the rally not to be misled by the agenda of the ‘Champion’ group.

“Let us all be strong and shame the devil as we should support Chakwera who has already demonstrated that he has the love for the party and good vision as well as plans to end the current crisis, Malawi is facing,” he said.

Mwalwanda, who is also MCP shadow Member of Parliament for Karonga central constituency, while echoing with his colleagues commended northerners for the support they always give to MCP especially under the leader of Chakwera.


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