Teresa Ndanga Chasing Away  Progressing Journalists At ZBS To Guantanamo Bay: Pushes For Their Transfers

Teresa Ndanga Chasing Away  Progressing Journalists At ZBS To Guantanamo Bay: Pushes For Their Transfers

MISA Malawi Chairperson who is also Director of News at the Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) Tereza Ndanga has been accused of being a stumbling block to fellow journalists who are registering business  successes in their private  media dealings and and profession. Malawi Independent has learnt.

According to our sources at ZBS, Ndanga has pushed for the transfer of all journalists who are not her puppets and seen to be successful in their business ventures  through  Grey Kazako Phiri who run away from military training and posses no qualifications apart from being a brother to Gospel Kazako, the Managing Director of ZBS.

Malawi Independent has established that victims to Tereza Ndanga’s  envious life includes :

  1. Alfred Guta who has been posted to Blantyre
  2. Alex Banda who has been posted Nkhatabay/Likoma.
  3. Moses Masiye who has been posted Mwanza / Neno
  4. Shakira Chimbaza who has been posted Balaka.
  5. Mayamiko Kambewa who has been posted Nkhotakota.
  6. Musase Cheyo who has been posted Mzuzu.
  7. Masozi Kasambala who has been posted Chitipa


It is not a secret that people like Mayamiko Kambewa  and Moses Masiye are among the successful guys at ZBS who own  Studios and Media firms in Balaka and Mponela, a development which Tereza Ndanga is not happy with seeing her fellow journalists doing well.

Journalists at ZBS are surprised with the conduct of Tereza Ndanga who in the first place as MISA chairperson was supposed to be protecting  fellow journalists from such uncalled for behavior by media houses top management but she has turned to be the one in the fore-front hitting at fellow scribes.

Many people at ZBS are complaining of ill- treatments which they get from Ndanga and the top  management of ZBS comprising of Kazako family members which includes  Gospel, Grey and Ketrina Kazako.



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