APM Govt Suspends Exorbitant And Unreasonable Fine Hikes By Road Traffic Services

APM Govt Suspends Exorbitant And Unreasonable Fine Hikes By Road Traffic Services

Malawi Government under the leadership of Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika  has suspended the implementation of new road traffic fines by the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services with immediate effect.

Speaking in an interview with state broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango said the suspension is aimed at allowing time to address concerns raised by different stakeholders on the matter and not just taking Malawians for a surprise without engaging them in the whole process.

However Mhango said the fines were introduced to curb numerous accidents that continue to claim many lives on the country’s roads.  He said investigations have revealed that many accidents happen due to non compliance to road safety rules.

The new fines were as follows:

  1. Driving a vehicle without COF is now at K30,000 from K10,000
  2. Driving a vehicle without a driver’s licence or professional driving permit is now at K100,000 from K10,000

  3. Dangerous overtaking is now punishable by a fine of K50,000 from K10,000

  4. Exceeding speed limit (speed trap) is at K50,000 from K5,000

  5. Kutukwana or kudelera AUTHORITY ya traffic police office will be punishable by K200,000 from K20,000


These fines were supposed to be effective from November 13, 2017


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