Times Group Kasakula Lied To Malawians On Bushiri Ending Blackouts In 48 Hrs:Video Shows He Never Said It

Times Media Group Managing Editor and Malawi Congress Party staunt supporter George Kasakula has been exposed to be taking Malawians for a fool and deliberately twitsing facts with lies to misinform the nation on numerous occasions, with the recent being a falsehood that Bushiri said he would end blackouts in Malawi within 48 hours.

According to our sources at Times Group, George Kasakula deliberately spiced the story to say Bushiri was on record to have said he would end electricity problems in Malawi within 48 hours as a way of provoking ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters to launch an attack on Bushiri for  undermining the efforts the Mutharika’s government are doing to end power shortages in the country.

However, a  video interview which this publication has seen and published on this website has shown that Bushiri never said he would end blackouts within 48 hours but instead pointed out that within a couple of days issues to do with blackouts can be ended in Malawi if given a chance to work hand in hand with ESCOM and that he had met some officials from the electricity generating and supplying company on the same.

This is not the first time for Mr. George Kasakula to be caught pants down twisting facts of a story to suit his political interests.

Another act of twisting of facts by Kasakula

He was exposed doing the same on another story few months ago which went to the press with his lies as seen on the picture attached to this story.


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