Phwaaah! Opposition MCP Officially Responds To Bushiri’s Declaration Of Support To DPP,APM

Malawi Crocodiles Party (MCP) which is the country’s oldest opposition to have ruled by force for 30 years and never ushered into power gain  by the people’s will has finally swallowed a bitter pill and responded to Bushiri’s support for ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as well as his speaking highly of President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika.

MCP Deputy Secretary General who also acts as Publicity Secretary and Treasurer General from Chakwera’s home district of Lilongwe Eisenhower Mkaka  has told MCP supporters who have now turned against Bushiri by castigating and calling him names that much as they are hurt by Bushiri’s sentiments, it was high time they stopped commenting on his opinions because just as any other Malawian, he is entitled to his opinions.

Bushiri told a gathering in South Africa that DPP government with Mutharika’s leadership has done a lot and Malawians need to support the Mutharika administration for continued development/

He further reminded Malawians that while MCP constructed one road in a period of over 31 years in Malawi, DPP is constructing over 6 major roads in the country in three years of being in power.

These remarks have not gone well with MCP supporters who have launched a series of attack to the SOuth African based prophet of Malawian origin.



  • They should leave Bushiri alone as an Individual who is our Spiritual Ambassador in foreign Nations making our Country great

  • Bushiri should also be reminded that the same MCP build hospitals,colleges,secondary shools,air ports..Created Admarc,Press Agriculture.MCP did all this.

  • Yatsani magetsi aDPP
    madzi ife ku area 23 samatuluka..
    Busy kulosera zosatheka anthu opanda nzeru inu..
    Kuba ndalama 2 much.. Chimanga chikudhula nde tizidya misewu yanuyo?

  • How can someone that does not live in Malawi give opinions about what is taking place in the country. I as a citizen feel no impact of any works from the current DPP gvt, even if they have done anything it has been erased by the massive suffering being felt by the people, disease, poverty so tangible it makes us wish we could run away from our own home. There is so much hopelessness that the citizens are wondering what their forefathers did so wrong that we end up being Malawian. Who will take up the mantle of our beautiful nation? If it is DPP, then it will be time for Malawians to leave because this greedy bunch will certainly be looking to draw our last straw of blood

  • Zinaukaona zinaukavakambaangamwala

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