MCP Goes Hiding After Bushiri’s Support For DPP… Nkasa Calls The Crocodiles Party ‘Vampires’

Veteran musician who is popular for political songs Joseph Nkasa who  speaks highly of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)has  dressed down Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in his latest song and reminded Malawians of how evil and devilish MCP is, comparing it to vampires.

Joseph Nkasa

Nkasa: Has exposing the dark history attached to MCP.

The song which has gone viral on social media, portrays DPP as a peaceful party which makes it more deserving to be ruling Malawi.

Nkasa strengthens his position through exposing the dark history attached to MCP.

The opening verse begins with a Biblical allusion; he narrates people’s choice of Barnabas over Jesus when they were asked as to who should be granted freedom.

“Lero kunabwera DPP chipani cha mtendere, la chitukuko boma ndi Arthur Peter Mutharika, Anthu ali pa ufulu DPP chipani cha mtendere, misewu ya phula ndi Arthur Peter Mutharika, Chimanga kutapa kutaya DPP chipani cha mtendere, sukulu za luso ndi Arthur Peter Mutharika, olemba nkhani akulemba DPP chipani chamtendere, opanda omangidwa ndi Arthur Peter Mutharika pazifukwa za ndale, DPP chipani cha mtendere,” he sings on chorus.

The song gets ugly for the main opposition party when Nkasa mentions the atrocities that were committed during its rule.

“Pomwe panadulidwa mitengo yaminga, pozaphuka sipazaphuka wa papaya, minga yomweyo ndiyo izaphuke, Fisi akasamuka kupita Phiri lina sikuti kumeneko akasanduka nkhosa, mtima waupandu amayenda nawo, kumbukani chifundo cha nsema mitondo, chinadyesa matumbo ake onse mmimba, Malawi Congress Party ndi ma vampire.

“Zikanatheka kuifusa mizimu, kuti tambala wakuda abwereso, inakakanisisa kwa mtuwagalu.”

This is the third song Nkasa has done in the political realm this year. He started with a public relations song for former Minister of Agriculture Dr George Chaponda in the wake of maizegate, then he produced Yoswa for President Peter Mutharika.

He got into the limelight with political songs during the late Bingu Wa Mutharika’s rule in 2007 with Mose Walero.



  • Darington Damiton Kafwafwa

    Mkasa is all saying the truth and malawians should not be decieved by those by elections coz are just small and come 2019 DPP is the party of to vote for

  • Wakkisa mwanyongo

    That what he thinks. ….it doesn’t mean all Malawians are having similar attitude towards other parties….what else can he do to bring food to his family…..

  • chriss richard

    Thats true,tambala wakuda asatiputsitse apa

  • Leave everything in God’s hands, will handle this properly

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