CHANCO DPP Wing Beautifies Zomba City: Donates To Matawale HC, Cheers ZCH Patients

DPP Chanco Wing Member interact with patient

A group of Chancellor College (CHANCO) DPP Wing members in partnership with Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM Trust), cleaned Zomba City streets and Zomba free market on Saturday as an act to demonstrate that youths
in politics exists to offer development solutions and services to the public.

The central main street leading to Bus Depot, streets around the free market and the the free market pavements were cleaned by the students.

Chris Muhuwa, vice president of CHANCO DPP wing said the exercise was a demonstration that youths in politics are supposed to engage in developmental initiatives.

Chanco DPP Wing Sweep Inside Zomba Market

“We felt we need to do developmental initiates to let people know that we can provide solutions. Wherever there is problem, we are ready to come in to sort them out.” He assured

He expressed concern with litters that choke the city’s streets and pavements which he together with fellow college students gaze each and every time they are in the town.

“As city residents, we felt we needed to act, and it is our hope that everyone will take responsibility of taking care of our town by not litter and use garbage tins properly.” He added

Official from BEAM Trust, Paul Nyasulu, said his organisation partnered with CHANCO DPP Wing since their initiative relates to BEAM objectives.

“This is what BEAM wants all Malawians to do. We want all to work together to ensure that our country look clean and beautiful. We want to encourage CHANCO students to continue with these initiatives. We want them to do this even after they finish their studies so that they should continue working hand in hand with BEAM.” He appealed

Earlier in the day, the group cheered up patients admitted at Matawale Health Centre where they also donated cleaning materials before visiting the city’s referral hospital, Zomba Central Hospital (ZCH).

Nursing Midwifery Technician for Matawale Health Centre, Rose Ben expressed gratitude for the noble gesture from CHANCO DPP Wing and BEAM Trust.

“Our patients need nutritious food and we are happy that these students have brought food items here.” She hailed

She also expressed gratitude for litter bins, wheelbarrow and other sweeping materials which she said are often scarce materials at the health facility.

“We encourage hygienic practices at the hospital. We are therefore
grateful for the donation of some materials that we can use to clean
around our hospital.” She added

Later, ZCH Paediatric Ward Nurse and Midwifery Technician, Helen Noniwa, also said her Paediatric Department was happy to see the students bringing food items which will assist a lot of patients who mostly lack proper food.

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