Bushiri Applauds Mutharika’s Led Govt Of Good Work: Calls On Malawians To Support It

Bushiri Applauds Mutharika’s Led Govt Of Good Work: Calls On Malawians To Support It

Celebrated South African-based Prophet of Malawian origin Shepherd Bushiri has called on Malawians to support the DPP led administration of President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, saying since he ascended to power in 2014, Mutharika and his administration have done tremendous work to uplift the lives of Malawians.

Prophet Bushiri whose relationship with the current DPP leadership was spoiled   by his former Public Relations Officer who continuously attacked and insulted President Mutharika and his workers disclosed this on Saturday in South Africa during the Malawi Day commemorations organized by his Enlightened Christian Gathering church.

During the announcement, Bushiri told the gathering that if the elections were to be held today, he  would whole heartedly cast his  vote for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party under the leadership pf Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika saying the party has done tremendous work and needs to be applauded.


In addition, Bushiri reminded Malawians that it was in good spirits that they support the Lilongwe-Salima water project because it will not only improve the water conditions in the country, create jobs and impact on those close to the project areas but also its a major land mark achievement, that for the first time, a Malawian in the name of Simbi Phiri will do such a huge project in his own country, a true life dream that Malawians can do it just as other foreign based companies.



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