Concerned Citizens Hit At Chakwera: Calls Him Power Hungry Illusionist

Chakwera tells Msowoya,Mia to stop fighting

We the Concerned Citizens would like to call upon all Malawians and politicians from all divide to work towards national building rather than inciting violence and hate. We are concerned with the increasing appetite by some politicians to agitate for chaos and uprising against the government. We unreservedly condemn this behaviour and we tell all those who have the appetite for destruction that we will not allow anyone to push this country to anarchy.

We are particularly worried with the conduct of Dr Lazarus Chakwera, a man who calls himself reverend and who would therefore have been expected to be among the first to preach peace and order in our beautiful nation. In the years he has been in politics, Rev. Chakwera has proven that he is a man of God who so loves violence and enjoys spreading hate. To him, that is politics. To us, that is destruction and we will not allow it.

Just yesterday, Rev. Lazarus Chakwera had the audacity to insult President Mutharika using every kind of holier-than-thou language. This has been Rev. Chakwera’s nature and style of leadership, resorting to personal attacks when dealing with policy matters. What model of leadership is Chakwera showing Malawians?


His speech on issues related to maize export ban and energy was misplaced, self-contradictory, ill-timed and full of factual errors. In our understanding, the ban was meant to ensure maize availability and save Malawians from hunger next year. We have established that the ban was to protect the national reserves and ensure that we first have enough stocks to take Malawian even to the next season.

Chakwera does not even seem to understand that maize is not a cash crop for export; it is a food crop for Malawians. May we remind Malawians that ADMARC started procuring maize from July while the NFRA has been procuring maize from October 2017. Any caring leader or President who has value for the people would first ensure that the country stocks enough maize for national requirement before allowing the same to be sold elsewhere.

Surprisingly, Rev. Chakwera ably uses 2003 hunger situation which came about as a result of carelessness purportedly through selling maize outside the country without first stocking the national reserves. His accusations make us believe that he would have been happy for Malawi to export all the maize and see Malawians suffer from hunger so that he can turn on government and call it a failure. This has been his style.

We believe that Chakwera wanted all the maize to be exported and that in the subsequent year, Malawi faces hunger and people die as a result, then he creates a campaign tool. We think that Chakwera is not happy that there is enough maize in this country for this year and next year.

Rev. Chakwera must not hide behind local farmers pretending that they have been ripped off. Any export of commodities at any time has never benefitted local farmers but rather big traders who have been exploiting local farmers, a thing that Rev. Chakwera has never condemned.


To our chagrin, Rev. Chakwera want to use this crisis as a stepping stone to power, instead of providing an alternative vision. We are forced to believe that Rev. Chakwera wants the energy crisis to continue and worsened so that he can gain political mileage. That is why Chakwera is not happy that Government intervened in dealing with the crisis.

The issue of blackouts needs a sober approach and mature leadership to deal with. We all know that for more than 50 years, which include 31 years of Malawi Congress Party rule, Malawi has not made any significant investment in the sector. It is only this government that has initiated reforms and is making huge investments in the sector. Rev Chakwera knows this but he opts to use people’s emotions and suffering to gain political mileage.

Typical of Rev. Chakwera, he has made accusations and criticism without offering alternative solutions. His call for Commission of Enquiry is ill-timed in a sense that measures to deal with the crisis are already underway and there are timelines to it, which Chakwera is aware of.

While we accept that we are in a crisis, patriotic Malawians have taken time to understand the problem, and offer tangible solutions to the crisis. We have in mind, the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, Civil Society Organizations and other equally concerned stakeholders who have taken time to appreciate the challenges that the two institutions, ESCOM and EGENCO, are facing and the mitigation measures as well as solutions.

We are surprised, that while Rev. Chakwera can stand on a podium, pay for a live broadcast on the issue of energy, he can’t take the same initiative to engage with ESCOM and EGENCO in order for him to make informed decisions and provide alternative solutions. Rev. Chakwera starts from a position of hate and treats the two public institutions as his enemy yet, if he were to become the leader of Malawi he will still engage the same institutions. As a person who aspire to lead Malawi, he should have known that before making unfounded accusations and lies, the two institutions are also run by Malawians who are equally affected and concerned with the current situation

As Concerned Citizens, we have engaged with ESCOM and EGENCO and have appreciated the efforts that are being put forward to address the energy crisis in the short term and long term.

With all the background, it surprising that Rev. Chakwera does not want to allow ESCOM and EGENCO to work on solutions. Instead, he wants to paint a picture that nothing is happening because he thinks that this helps him politically.
What Rev. Chakwera is doing is promoting anarchy. He leads a party whose founding principles were contact and dialogue yet Chakwera has gone about breaching these principles flagrantly. Does he deserve to lead the party?

We are left to conclude that the Malawi Congress Party president is a compulsive fabricator intent on spreading hate and disorder on things that he does not even understand. His speech made by a person who is so hungry to power that he would use even lies to pursue this personal agenda regardless of the consequences his words can bring on the nation.
It is a pity that the current leader of opposition happens to be a Reverend, who should have understood very well what insults and lies can bring. In his speech, he did all he could to spread confusion and stir hate by presenting half-truths and sensational lies which he knew will feed into his colonies of haters and his few apostles that don’t care for the goodwill of Malawi. His so called evidence had no incriminating facts at all but he presented it sensationally to build his hate-spreading campaign.

While we accept that Malawi is a democratic country, a fact which is backed by our republican constitution under the bill of rights, it is of paramount importance for every citizen to exercise such rights with caution and responsibility. Unfortunately, Rev. Lazarus Chakwera falls short of the leadership we peaceful Malawians desire to have.

That is why he is failing to differentiate that while he is a leader of only an opposition political party, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is the President of 17 million people including Chakwera himself. As a reverend, he would have been the first to be respectful to the Malawi leader.

President Mutharika has always been consistent in his call for all who have solutions to Malawi’s challenges to be free to come forward. Instead, Chakwera makes insults. He makes remarks that inspire tension and violence among people. This has been style. In that speech, Chakwera showed he is planning violence against the Government when he said it would not survive up to next year.

Rev. Chakwera and MCP has been touting electoral reforms for 2019, and we wonder what has changed now so that focus should be to deal with Government now. A statement that the Government might not survive up to next year is very dangerous coming from a leader of opposition. This is inciting strife and tension. But this is his style.
Early this year, he called on people of Malawi to revolt. They did not listen to him. Ahead of the by-elections last month, he preached “civil war”. It did not happen. This is his style of leadership.


As Concerned Citizens, we want leaders who promote peace and respect for each other. We demand leadership that understand its role in nation building. We want leaders who treat the challenges we face as a shared responsibility to solve.

As Concerned Citizens, we call upon all Malawians to continue shunning leaders who preach violence and anarchy in this country. Let us continue rejecting leaders who promote politics of hate and disrespect for each other. Let us support leaders who offer solutions. Let us promote the spirit of contact and dialogue for the betterment of our nation.




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