St Columbus CCAP Elder-MEC Snr Electoral Services Officer Shakes D.Dambula’s Marriage


King Norman Rudi of MEC shakes the family of D.Dambula

Malawi Electoral Commision (MEC) Senior Electoral Services Officers who is also the church elder at  St. Columbus CCAP Church , a Mr. King Norman Rudi has shaken the family of D. Dambula by having a sexual relationship with his wife Peninna Sanga Dambula  for the past year. Malawi Independent has established.

MEC Senior Electoral Services Officer King Norman Rudi who has been married for over 24 years and has kids as old as 23 years has been enjoying the forbidden fruit of another mans wife whose marriage is just fresh since early 2016.

When D.Dambula learnt that Mr. King Norman Rudi of MEC was bonking his wife through other concerned friends who were not happy that the St. Columbus CCAP Church elder was drunk in adulterous acts contrary to the Presbyterian teachings, He asked the wife who categorically denied of the rumours referring Rudi  as friend to her sister who is a doctor.

Malawi Independent has learnt that D. Dambula and libidinous wife Peninna Sanga Dambula have separated due to the wife’s infiderity but chances are high that the two may subsequently divorce despite staying just seven years in marruage and having two kids (6 years and 4 years) respectively.

Pennina Sanga Dambula has on several occasions challenged the husband that he is free to leave his matrimonial house and another man will come and be enjoying sex with her on the same bed she used to sleep with the husband D. Dambula.

When our reporter called Mr. King Norman Rudi to hear his side of the story on his mobile 0888872197, he immediately hang up when the journal introduced himself and explained why he had called him to hear his side of the story before it was taken to press.

A quick visit to  Mr. King Norman Rudi. whose facebook page is ” Chekete King Rudi” established that Penina Sanga Dambula  has been actively commenting on each and every posting of him with comments like “my dear”, ” My man” not suitable for married couples to be expressing such in public.



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