One Mw,One President: Mutharika Rubbishes Kumkuyu’s Errand Boy Wandale On Must Govt

President Peter Mutharika has rubbished the  apparent formation of  a ‘government’ of United States of Thyolo and Mulanje (Must) by  self-styled supreme leader of People’s Land Organisation (PLO), Vincent Wandale, who is an errand boy of Transfromation Alliance Of Moses Kumkuyu,saying he will not tolerate that behaviour in the country as he wants to promote national unity.

President Mutharika greets former president Bakili Muluiz at the envent. Photo by Francis Mphweya, Mana

In his speech at the 10th anniversary  cultural festival of the Mulhako wa Alhomwe at Chonde in the area of Traditional Authority Mthiramanja in Mulanje under the theme: ‘Youth Empowermen,’ on Sunday, Mutharika  who avoided mentioning Wandale, said he is the only President of Malawi.

“There is someone here in Thyolo who wants to form a government; he wants ti divide the country. There is no other president in this country, I am the only President,” said Mutharika.

He warned Wandale against his conduct likely to breach peace and affect unity of the nation, saying he must stop his ‘Must government’, calling it “nonsense.”

“Do not push my patience. Before you push me too far, I will react. Stop this nonsense once and for all,” said Mutharika.

Wandale has since been arrested.

Mutharika then said culture is crucial in the development of the country hence needs to be nurtured.

“Culture is very important in building the nation. We must all refrain from jealousy as it hinders development and work together with integrity and hard – work to develop the nation as a unit. Tribal groups are just for identification but as a country, we stand as one,” said Mutharika.

He, therefore, commended this year’s Mulhako wa Alhomwe theme, saying youths in the country were struggling with many problems including unemployment yet they are expected to be the future productive leaders.

“As a country we have not been fair to the youth, imagine, since independence up to now we don’t have a youth policy,” he lamented.

Mutharika said government has began working on developing a youth policy to end some of the current problems young people were facing in the country, including unemployment.

The Malawi leader disclosed government has secured USD6.5 million from the European Union to enable the youth venture into small scale businesses and farming to be self – reliant.

He also revealed that government plans to construct 15 more community technical colleges across the country to equip the youth with necessary vocational skills to support their wellbeing.

Commenting on the ‘bloodsuckers’ saga, Mutharika warned  that spreading rumours about the issue is violating the law.

Mulhako wa Alhomwe Chairperson of Board of Trustees, John Seyani, is  also said unity is key to national development.

In her remarks, Minister of Civic Education and Culture, Grace Chiumia, said Mulhako wa Alhomwe has set the pace for the introduction of other cultural groupings to celebrate their cultures


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