President Mutharika Hailed For Making A Surprise Appearance At ESCOM/EGENCO Joint Meeting Amidst Of Electriciy Woes

Surprise appearance of Mutharika At EGENCO/ESCOM joint meeting

Malawi President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika has been hailed by scores of Malawians for making a surprise visit to the meeting which ESCOM and EGENCO jointly had at UMOYO house in the city of Blantyre.

ESCOM board members surprised

This has come at a time that there is an outcry about the state of Electriciy in the country, whereby Malawians are spending most of their times in blackouts , a development which is slowing development and economic progress.

Man of the people:Mutharika interacted with those who came to see him upon hearing that he was at Umoyo house

The President entered the boardroom at 10:20 AM and the room was tensed as those who were in the meeting never anticipated him.

A senior ESCOM official speaking to Malawi Independent on anonymity said: “The president just showed up at Umoyo House on 5th Floor and stormed into ESCOM offices and there was a high degree of panic and anxiety among ESCOM staff, especially the senior members.”

“It was both scary and dramatic as no one never expected that to happen. Heads rolled and the president appeared somewhat livid and unhappy.”

Added the ESCOM official:

“This is the first time for a sitting president to storm into ESCOM offices unannounced in history. The look on his face tells it all. He is not happy with the electricity supplying outfit and he surely needs answers and thorough explanations to what is currently going on concerning the intermittent blackouts.”

Mutharika’s visit to the embattled electricity suppliers, ESCOM is believed to be an executive clamp down on the country’s most inefficient utility service provider whose incessant power cuts continue to annoy the country’s populace.

Nonetheless, no roads in Blantyre , including the Victoria Avenue, were closed as is the case whenever the president is travelling within the City Centre.


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  • Ndakondwa ndi zomwe mtsogoleli wa dziko lathu waonetsa kudzichepetsa ndi Umunthu wachikhalire as ndi Mbiri ya dziko lathu mkoyamba Munthu Olemekezeka kukapezeka nawo pa mkumano wa zamagetsi zomwe zili chisonyezo kuti President wathu sakukondwa ndi mkwiyo wa Anthu…hoping soon everything will change

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