Exposing ‘Sex Prophet’ David Mbewe:Rapist With 9 Kids Out Of Wedlock..Chain Of ‘Chiks’

Police are currently hunting for prophet David MBEWE of Liwec popularly known as Shalom for raping and impreginating  a Lilongwe based woman Ovixlexa Bunya in March, 2017.Malawi Independent has established.

Sources close to the prophet have revealed that Superintendent Chipa at Machinga police sation assisted the man of God in evading arrest on Sunday 22 October by tipping him that  Central Region police (CID) officers were hunting for him, a development which forced the Prophet to left his church premises abruptly in a church members car using uncharted routes to run away from the embarrassment and the shame of being  arrested.

The amorous prophet is said to have fathered up to 9 children out of the wedlock. The baby mother’s include Belinda Chipala whose issue brought him in the limelight and Mrs Stipheria MATEWERE kanyenda , wife to Blantyre based lawyer David kanyenda.

A close friend to Bunya revealed that she met the prophet in January 2017 , after he had volunteered to pray for her son. The Prophet under the guise of offering spiritual support befriend Ovixlexla including her parents in Dedza where he was a frequent visitor. He is also said to have frequented Ovi’s house and at times she would pick him from the airport.

Things are said to have gone sour after the rape incident. The prophet is alleged to have warned Oxivexla against reporting the rape, claiming that he was capable of causing her death. He further warned her than any attempts to abort would lead to untold calamities to her and the rest of her family.

It is also being said that ovixlexlas younger sister and housemate Madalitso Misanjo died in a mysteriously car accident barely a few hours after the Prophet had made death threats against her. The deceased had called the prophets to complain about his continued visits to their house and tormenting ovixlexla , she had further threatened to report the rape and threats to the police the next day.

Due to stress caused by the prophets threats, harassments and assaults Ovixlexla had a pre term labour two weeks ago at 30 weeks. She was admitted at Ethel mutharika nursery for five days before her premature baby passed away.

The source indicated the church service was slightly shorter the previous Sunday.Police are also said to be hunting for Prophet Mbewes girlfriends Carol mwatichinga who works for the prophets travel agency, shalom travel and Mrs Vera khanje Gomani. The two are being accused of cyber Crimes following the leaking of a recording of a conversation between ovixlexla bunya and prophet MBEWE which recently went viral on social media.


Meanwhile, a number of individuals listed as being blackmailed by ovixlexla have distanced themselves from the claims. At least two prominent men have already consulted their lawyers and intend to take legal action against the prophet and his accomplices. While one of the men has threatened to deal with the prophet in his own way.

Sources have revealed that Bunya recorded the conversation months back to force the prophet to allow her to terminate the pregnancy she was carrying for him which came because of the rape. To which he never complied stating that Ovixlexla was his wife and there was no way he would let her terminate his child. The two are said to have been at loggerheads over this issue for some time. Friends close to Mbewe’s new catch, Carol Mwatichinga reveal that the two had a huge argument in Joburg 2 weeks ago on their shopping spree over who Ovixlexla was to the prophet.

The prophet is said to have shared the recording to Carol as proof that Ovixlexla was blackmailing him which she has even been playing out to her work colleagues. Carol is said to have forwarded the recording to her friend Vera Kanje Gomani who apparently also fucks around with Mbewe. Reports say Kanje confronted Ovixlexla over it and had promised to leak the conversations of which she and Carol did. A number of people from different WhatsApp groups have confirmed that the recording had originated from the two and are willing to testify.

The prophet’s mother who stays in Liwonde who tried to solve things amicably between the two. Her neighbors who had on different occasions dragged Mbewe out of Ovie’s house.



  • Mphwache wa Bingu

    This story was poorly reported. I cant believe that this lady who is a mither of one was raped. Am not on defense of the prophet but all these ladies have been running after the prophet. Leave this prophet alone. Akudya nkhosa za nkhola mwake. Women always rush to such prophets.

  • Remnant Mjanaheri Mjanaheri

    Koma ntchito ilipo. Whats wrong with these self proclaimed prophets

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